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Linux Journal Issue #10/February 1995


A Conversation with Olaf Kirsch  
The author of the Network Administrator's Guide tells us a little something about his life and the NaG
Using Tcl and Tk from Your C Programs  by Matt Welsh
This month we'll show you how to use Tcl and Tk from your C programs.
Linux Conference at Open Systems World/FedUNIX 1994  by Belinda Frazier
A remarkable conference with developers, support persons, resellers and end-users.
SCADA-Linux Still Hard at Work  by Vance Petree
Time marches on, Linux marches on, and one of the cardinal rules of the universe manifests itself.

News & Articles

Report on Comdex 1994  by Belinda Frazier
What Your DOS Manual Doesn't Tell You About Linux  by Liam Greenwood
What's GNU?  by Arnold Robbins


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses  by Phil Hughes
New Products  
Kernel Korner   : Block Device Drivers: Interrupts  by Michael K. Johnson
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