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Time Again for Reader Input

Phil Hughes

Issue #11, March 1995

We want to find out more about our current readers.

One year ago we started Linux Journal. Answers to questionnaires we posted on Usenet helped direct LJ, and your letters and e-mail have continued to help set our course.

Partly because our initial questions were posted in comp.os.linux.misc on Usenet and partly because of where Linux was a year ago, many of the comments pointed us toward monitoring Linux development and following the more technical path of Linux-related work.

Today, in addition to our 10,000 subscribers, Linux Journal appears on hundreds of newsstands worldwide. Many of these readers have not been involved in the on-line development effort on the Internet. Because of this, their needs are different from those who initially responded to our questions back in 1993.

We have grown up along with Linux. We see one of our big jobs as helping get the word out on Linux and helping newcomers to Linux get up to speed and involved.

We want to find out more about our current readers. We ask you to fill out the information below and either fax or mail it back to us.

Thanks for your time. Your answers will help direct LJ for the next year.

Fax back to +1 206-782-7191 or mail to Linux Journal, P.O. Box 85867, Seattle, WA 98145-1867 USA.


Phil Hughes is the publisher of Linux Journal.

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