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Linux Journal Issue #11/March 1995


The Humble Beginnings of Linux  by Randolph Bentson
A reflection of the early days of Linux.
Review of Scilab  by Robert Dalrymple
Introduction to LINCKS  by Martin Sjölin
A hypertext-style database with “groupware” features.
Introducing Scheme  by Robert Sanders
An extensible language that is easy to debug and easy to develop.

News & Articles

Linux Events  
Pentiums and Non-Pentiums  by Phil Hughes
What's Gnu?  by Arnold Robbins
Installing Linux via NFS  by Greg Hankins
Questions From the OSW Booth  by Kim Johnson


Product Review   BRU  by Jon Freivald
Book Review   Tcl and the Tk Toolkit  by Phil Hughes
Book Review   Your Internet Consultant  by Phil Hughes


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Reader Survery Response  by Phil Hughes
From the Editor   Linux In Amsterdam  by Michael K. Johnson
Take Command   The rm Command  by Phil Hughes
Linux Means Business   Remote Data Gathering with Linux  by Grant Edwards
New Products  
System Administration   How to Log Friends and Influence People  by Mark Komarinski
Kernel Korner   Block Device Drivers  by Michael K. Johnson
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