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Issue #13, May 1995

Tower Releases Eiffel for Linux, Acucobol Announces Linux Port of ACUCOBOL-85 and more.

Tower Releases Eiffel for Linux

Tower Technology Corporation announces a promotional offer of its object oriented development system for Linux. TowerEiffel for Linux includes a high performance Eiffel 3 compiler, open development environment, programming tools and a base set of reusable software components. Key features include fast executable code, global system optimization, user controllable garbage collection, clear and precise error messages, exception handling, genericity, automatic system builds, automatic documentation generation and built in test support. A unique capability of TowerEiffel is Eiffel, C, and C++ interoperability.

Eiffel is a non-proprietary object-oriented programming language.

For more information, including details of the special promotional offers, visit the Tower World Wide Web Page at http://www.cm.cf.ac.uk/Tower/ Access the Tower Automated Reply System by sending an e-mail message to info@twr.com. Call (800) 285-5124 or (512) 452-9455, or fax (512) 452-1721.

Acucobol Announces Linux Port of ACUCOBOL-85.

COBOL developers can now combine the benefits of the Linux environment with the application development features of ACUCOBOL-85 and take advantage of its many features, including: programmable hot keys, advanced window capabilities, a user replaceable file system and a built-in-source code debugger. Once an application is compiled in ACUCOBOL-85, developers can use Acucobol's full range of COBOL development tools and enjoy its portability to over 600 different platforms and operating environments without recompiling.

For more information, e-mail info@acucobol.com, send mail to Acucobol, Inc., 7950 Silverton Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92126, phone (619) 689-7220, or fax (619) 566-3071.

Scientific Instrumentation Libraries for Linux

Renegade Solutions has announced the availability of scientific instrumentation libraries for Linux. Currently offered are a basic driver for the Epix Silicon Video MUX series of video frame grabbing boards, a driver for a low budget serial port D/A and A/D device and a driver for a custom DSP board based on the TI C25 and C50 series DSPs.

The Silicon Video MUX family of framegrabbers provide up to 752x480 8 bit grayscale images making it suitable for demanding computer vision and research applications. The basic driver package includes a simple GUI program to demonstrate the boards capabilities as well as source code for the library, and is priced at $500. Motif based image editing, processing and analysis software is also available. The driver for the serial port module also includes a GUI demonstration program and sells for $200. A driver for a low cost DSP board built by FroZen Technologies is also priced at $200.

Renegade Solutions will develop custom drivers for the above hardware, as well as for other instruments. For more information, call Renegade Solutions at (208) 524-6440 or e-mail renegade@srv.net.

OPEN LOOK, XView and NeWS Archive CD-ROM

March 20, 1995—Darwin Open Systems today unveiled the OPEN LOOK, XView and NeWS Archive. This CD-ROM includes the full text of two books from the O'Reilly X series: the previously-unpublished Volume 3, User's Guide, OPEN LOOK edition, and Volume 7, XView Programming Manual. Both are on the CD in PostScript and in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). There are also many other documents such as FAQs, and man pages for everything (included in troff, cat-able, PostScript and PDF, and usable from the CD-ROM by setting MANPATH). There is source code for the latest XView Toolkit, full source for many other OPEN LOOK programs and games including sample programs from several textbooks, pre-built search indexes for tools such as Glimpse, LQ-Text, viewers for PostScript and PDF, and other goodies. Also included is the full source code for two complete window systems:

  • The X Window System, Version 11, Release 6, (latest patch Level 11), including XFree86 (3.1.1.), and

  • The MGR Window System by Steve Uhler of Bellcore.

In addition to the textbooks, tool, and source code, there is an online “tour” of OPEN LOOK, XView, and other parts of the CD-ROM. The Tour is written in validated HTML, usable with Mosaic, Netscape, TkWWW, or your favorite Web viewer. If you are on the Internet, you can follow links to the outside. HTML hyperlinks are provided to the original FTP sources for much of the free software so you will be able to obtain updates, later versions, binaries for other platforms, etc.

Contact: Darwin Open Systems, P.O. Box 278, Palgrave, Ontario Canada L0N 1P0, by phone at +1 800-463-2108, or by e-mail to info@darwinsys.com.

New Book Release

Running LinuxBy Matt Welsh & Lar Kaufman600 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-100-3, $24.95 (US)

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. has just released Running Linux, which covers installation and use of the Linux operating system, including:

  • The background and concepts of the Linux system.

  • A comprehensive installation tutorial that will lead you through the steps of configuring Linux on your machine from any distribution.

  • A chapter on UNIX basics, designed especially for Linux users.

  • Information on Linux system administration and maintenance, from managing user accounts, to repairing filesystems, to upgrading software, to building a new kernel.

  • Full installation and configuration information for XFree86 3.1 (Version 11, release 6 of the X Window System).

  • Power tools available for the system, including the X Window System, the emacs and vi editors, text formatting systems such as TeX, and tools for interfacing with MS-DOS.

  • The programming languages and tools available for Linux, giving you a complete software development environment: the gcc C and C++ compiler, the gdb debugger, and other languages such as Perl and Tcl/Tk.

  • Network configuration and administration under Linux, including TCP/IP, SLIP, UUCP, electronic mail, and serial telecommunications.

  • Information on providing network services from your Linux machine, including configuration of a World Wide Web server.

Contact: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 103A Morris Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472. For inquiries: (800) 998-9938. For online orders: order@ora.com.

ParaSoft to Release Linux Insure++ for Linux

ParaSoft has announced that the Insure++ (formerly Insight++) runtime debugging system is available for Beta testing under Linux, and is expected to be publicly released soon. The product includes memory access testing including corruption and leaks, coverage analysis, data use visualization, pointer abuse, and more in C and C++ code. Programmers interested in Beta-testing Insure++ are encouraged to ask.

ParaSoft may be reached at info@parasoft.com, at URL www.parasoft.com, by phone at (818) 305-0041, by fax at (818) 305-9048, or by mail at 2031 S. Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016-4836.

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