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Linux Journal Issue #13/May 1995


Installing CERN's WWW Server  by Eric Kasten
Tie your networked Linux machine to the World Wide Web.
Majordomo  by Piers Cawley
Create your own internet mailing lists with the popular majordomo sofware.
The Pari Package on Linux  by Klaur-Peter Nischke
Fast, efficient mathematical operations. Do arithmetic and symbolic math with Pari.

News & Articles

Netsurfing with Linux  by Arthur Bebak
Linux for Public Service  by Dan Hollis
Hamming it Up on Linux  by Brian A. Lantz
A New Project or a GNU Project?  by Mark Bolzern
Linus Torvalds Receives Award  


Book Review   Linux Sampler  by Harvey Friedman


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Linus Torvalds Releases Linux 1.2.0  by Phil Hughes
Novice to Novice   DOS Emulation with dosemu  by Dean Oisboid
New Products  
System Administration   Anonymous ftp  by Mark Komarinski
Kernel Korner   The ELF Object File Format by Dissection  by Eric Youngdale
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