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Issue #14, June 1995

Metro Link releases Motif 2.0 for Linux, WGS releases Linux Pro 2.2 and more.

Metro Link releases Motif 2.0 for Linux

Metro Link has announced a release of Motif 2.0, OSF's popular graphical user interface. Metro Link Motif 2.0 is ported specifically for use with the new X11R6 version of the X Window System (XFree86 3.I.I. or higher). For developers, Motif 2.0 makes creation of software applications and custom widgets simple. For end users, Motif 2.0 improves their interface performance. The virtual screen support unclutters the workspace by providing alternate locations for chosen windows, while providing greater consistency with PC environments.

Phone 305-938-0283, fax (305) 938-1982, e-mail holly@metrolink.com. Metro Link Incorporated, 4711 North Powerline Road, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309.

WGS releases Linux Pro 2.2

WorkGroup Solutions has announced the availability of its new Linux Pro v2.2 on CD-ROM. Users can purchase WGS Linux Pro v2.2 on a single CD-ROM for $19.99, including complete documentation. For more experienced users interested in the latest Linux features, WGS is offering Linux Pro v2.2 in a 3 CD-Rom package for $69. This package includes WGS Linux Pro v2.1 on a single CD, plus two additional CDs that contain images of the tsx-11.mit.edu and sunsite.unc.edu ftp sites. Users who purchase the $69 package have access to comprehensive technical support and receive a WorkGroup Solutions Linux Pro T-shirt.

Contact WorkGroup Solutions on the Internet at World Wide Web address URL: ftp://ftp.wgs.com/pub2/wgs/Filelist, via e-mail at info@wgs.com, fax (303) 699-2793, phone (303) 699-7470.

Mazama Packet Filter

Mazama Software Labs, Inc. has released the Mazama Packet Filter, an easy to install and configure firewall that requires virtually no maintenance. The Mazama Packet Filter filters incoming and outgoing IP packets based on human-recognizable rules. This allows filtering TCP/IP services such as incoming and outgoing ftp, http, gopher, finger, telnet, etc. Specific filter rules based on any TCP/IP packet attributes can be added via the X-based user interface. The Mazama Packet Filter will be generally available on April 15th, at an introductory price of US$750.

Phone (206) 545-1808, e-mail info@mazama.com, on the WWW, please visit the URL http://www.mazama.com/ Mazama Software Labs, 15600 NE 8th St., Suite B1 #544, Bellevue, WA 98008.

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