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Linux Journal Issue #14/June 1995


Introduction to Eiffel  by Dan Wilder
All four compilers for the new Eiffel language are available for Linux. Dan Wilder introduces us to the language.
Review: xBase Products for Linux  by Robert Broughton
Robert Broughton reviews two products, FlagShip and dBMAN, which provide xBase, the de-facto standard database language for PCs, on Linux.
Review: Intelligent Multiport Serial Boards  by Greg Hankins
Breg Hankins reviews four multi-port serial boards with Linux support.

News & Articles

Linux at the UW Computer Fair  
Linux at Comdex/Fall: A Call for Participation  by Mark Bolzern
Interview with Mark Bolzern  
Caldera and Corsair  


Product Review   SlickEdit  by Jeff Bauer
Book Review   Running Linux  by Grant Johnson


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses  by Phil Hughes
New Products  
System Administration   Upgrading the Linux Kernel  by Mark Komarinski
Kernel Korner   The Linux Keyboard Driver  by Andries E. Brouwer
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