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Linux Journal Issue #19/November 1995


Optimizing the Linux User Interface  by Jeff Arnholt
Create a more efficient desktop with frwm and tcsh.
LessTif and the Hungry ViewKit  by Malcolm Murphy
The efforts of the Hungry Programmers are making the Motif widget set available to Linux users.
Getting the Most out of X Resources  by Preston Brown
Always wanted to change the look of X Windows? Here are the tools to do it easily.

News & Articles

How to Build a Mac  by Andreas Schiffler and David Moody
The Best Without X  by Alessandro Rubini
Linux on Low-End Hardware  by Trenton B. Tuggle
Linux Serving IKEA  by Anders Ostling
Linux at the SCO Forum  by Belinda Frazier


Product Review   IGEL Etherminal 3x  by Michael K Johnson
Book Review   Teach Yourself Perl  by David Flood


Stop the Presses   Elf is on the Way  by Michael K. Johnson
New Products  
Linux System Administration   Using LILO  by Æleen Frisch
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