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Issue #22, February 1996

Symposiums and Conferences

Second Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation

Cynthia Deno, the Exhibition and Publicity Coordinator for USENIX at The UNIX and Advanced Computing Systems Technical and Professional Association, writes us that there has been a change in the dates of the symposium from those given in the September 1995 issue of LJ.

The Program Committee is currently seeking papers describing original work concerning the design, implementation and use of modern operating systems. Besides mature work, we encourage submissions describing exceptionally promising, well-grounded speculative work, or enlightening negative results. For submission guidelines, please contact the program chairs at osdi@cs.rice.edu.

For more information about the above USENIX events contact USENIX Conference Office, 22672 Lambert Street, Suite 613, Lake Forest, CA USA 92630; phone 714-588-8649; fax 714-588-9706; e-mail conference@usenix.org ; WWW www.usenix.org.

First Conference on Freely Redistributable Software

The First Conference on Freely Redistributable Software (sponsored by the Free Software Foundation) will take place Friday to Monday, February 2-5, 1996 at the Cambridge Center Marriott in Cambridge, MA. Keynote speakers will be Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman. The conference will feature two days of tutorials on Linux (Phil Hughes), Advanced Emacs and GCC (Richard Stallman) expect (Don Libes), PERL (Tom Christenson), and other topics, as well as refereed papers.

Peter Salus will give seminars entitled ''Linux: An Open System For Everyone'' and “Installing and Running Linux.” The first seminar will look at Linux from its beginnings through its current capabilities, including a look at what some companies are currently doing with Linux. The seminar will conclude with a look at the future of Linux. Peter's second seminar will consist of a ''Look Under the Hood'' covering what makes up a Linux system, what you need, how to install it and what to do when something goes wrong. Interconnectivity options will also be addressed. Requests for registration materials and full programs may be made by e-mail conf96@gnu.ai.mit.edu), phone (617-542-5942) or fax (617-542-2652).

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