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Linux Journal Issue #22/February 1996


Backup Strategy  by Malcolm Murphy
Malcolm tells us which files to backup and how often.
Tar and Taper for Linux  by Yusuf Nagree
Learn to use tar and the friendly taper archival tools.
Backing Up in Linux  by Yusuf Nagree
Prep yourself and your system for tape drive backups.

News and Articles

How to Read 950 E-mail Messages Before Lunch  by Jay D Allen
A discussion of the use of e-mail filters on UNIX computers that use Sendmail-like systems.
X Forms: Review and Tutorial  by Karel Kubat
Karel Kubat explores XForms, a graphical user interface toolkit for X.
Trade Show: Open Systems World/FedUNIX 1995  
Trade Show: Comdex 1995  


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Linux System Administration   Maximizing System Security: Part 2  
Product Review   Caldera Desktop Preview II  
Book Review   Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture  
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