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Margie Richardson

Issue #31, November 1996

Absoft Fortran 77 for Linux, Spyglass Client Web Technology Kit, and more.

Absoft Fortran 77 for Linux

Absoft Corporation now provides a commercial grade, native Fortran 77 compiler and debugger for Linux/Intel systems. The compiler includes Pentium optimizations and strong support for mainframe/workstation extensions. It is compatible with gcc and all system tools. Absoft offers educational and site discounts. For pricing contact them at the address below.

Contact: Absoft Corp., 2781 Bond Street, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, Phone: 810-853-0050, Fax: 810-853-0108, E-mail: sales@absoft.com, URL: http://www.absoft.com/.

Spyglass Client Web Technology Kit in Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Software, Inc. has announced that its Linux operating system will now include the Spyglass Client Web Technology Kit (WTK) at no additional cost. Spyglass WTK is the most comprehensive web technology offering available today, covering multiple platforms and offering a complete, high-quality set of premium web technologies that developers can “mix and match” to web-enable applications, services and devices.

Contact: Red Hat Software Inc., 3201 Yorktown Rd. Durham, NC 22713, Phone: 203-454-5500, Fax: 203-454-2582, E-mail: info@redhat.com, URL: http://www.redhat.com/.

BLAST Communications Software for Linux

BLAST, Inc., a provider of cross-platform asynchronous communications software, announced the release of BLAST for Linux (Intel-based), version 10.7. BLAST includes the following file transfer protocols: Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kermit and BLAST's own proprietary file transfer protocol. It also supports TTY and Passthru terminal emulations. BLAST for Linux runs on Linux version 1.2.12-ELF and is priced at $495.

Contact: BLAST Inc., P.O. Box 808, Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312, Phone: 800-242-5278, Fax: 919-542-0161, E-mail: sales@blast.com, URL: http://www.blast.com/.

TenXpert CD Server Upgrade

Ten X Technology, Inc. announced an upgrade to its TenXpert CD server that increases both performance and capability without raising the price. The TenXpert-1, entry-level server with a 1GB hard disk cache, now supports 42 CDs, up from 14. The midrange server, TenXpert-4 expands its hard disk cache from 1 to 2 GB, increases CD support from 42 to 168 discs, and adds support for writing CDs over the network to a CD-Recordable drive. The top end server, TenXpert-8 increases its hard disk cache from 2 to 4 GB, handles 250 CDs and supports NSM jukeboxes with its internal CD-Recordable drive. TenXpert servers have a list price beginning at $2995.

Contact: Ten X Technology, Inc., 13091 Pond Springs Road, Austin, Texas, 79729, Phone: 800-922-9050, Fax: 512-918-9495, E-mail: greg@tenx.com, URL: http://www.tenx.com/.

TransactNet Web Interface Toolkit

TransactNet, Inc. announced the availability of their Web Interface Toolkit (WIT), the first Java tool to automate the web. WIT was developed using a Linux system, and contains a set of Java class libraries, code generators and an intuitive user interface, allowing it to generate Java applets, stand-alone applications or “servlets”. The WIT class libraries, encapsulating HTML parsing, a Javascript compatible HTML document object model, and HTTP and CGI access can also be used directly by the developer. A free beta version of WIT 1.0 is available now and can be downloaded from http://www.transactnet.com/. Pricing for the production release scheduled in late September has not been announced.

Contact: TransactNet, Inc., 4094 Majestic Lane, Suite 226, Fairfax, VA 22033, Phone: 703-426-0386, Fax: 703-426-0387, E-mail: info@transactnet.com, URL: http://www.transactnet.com/.

32 bit ODBC Driver for c-tree Plus

The FairCom Corporation announced the release of its 32 bit Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver Kit for c-tree Plus and the FairCom Servers. The ODBC Driver v1.6A is a single-tier driver that interfaces directly with the c-tree Plus programming interface. This new release operates with the Linux X-Windows compatibility software and offers full read and write capabilities, support for multiple communication protocols and additional data alignment options. The ODBC Driver is a dynamic link library which supports both multi-user non-server and client/server modes of operation, and can be purchased for $59.00 per node.

Contact: FairCom Corporation, 4006 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203, Phone: 573-445-6833, Fax: 573-445-9698, E-mail: faircom@faircom.com, URL: http://www.faircom.com/.

Phonetics Data Remote

Phonetics, Inc. announced the addition of Data Remote to its family of intelligent communication devices. Data Remote produces and communicates reports from remote equipment, and can be attached to any device with an RS232 output port to give instant reporting capability over standard phone lines. Data Remote is priced under $1000.

Contact: Phonetics, Inc., 901 Tryens Road, Aston, PA 19014, Phone: 610-558-2700, Fax: 610-558-0222, E-mail: sales@phonetics-monitoring.com, URL: http:/www.phonetics-monitoring.com/.

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