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Linux Journal Issue #31/November 1996


Linux Goes 3D: An Introduction to Mesa/Open GL  by Jörg-Rüdiger Hill
Discover Mesa, a 3D graphics library that is source code-compatible with OpenGL.
Qt GUI Toolkit  by Eirik Eng
Porting graphics to multiple platforms using a GUI toolkit.
Graphics Tools for Linux  by Michael J Hammel
Can you really do professional graphic art on a Linux system? If you're aware of all the available tools, you can.
OpenGL Programming on Linux  by Vincent S Cojot
How one student used Linux and OpenGL to build a 3D, network-capable tank game.

News and Articles

The Java Developer's Kit  
by Arman Danesh
LJ Interviews Larry Gritz  
by Amy Wood
The Linux-GGI Project  
by Steffen Seeger and Andreas Beck
Java and Postgres95  
by Bill Binko


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