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Postgres95 is completely user-supported (after having spun off from U.C. Berkeley) and can be found at the web site: http://www.ki.net/postgres95/ and its mirrors:
http://logical.thought.net/postgres95/ and

You can ftp Postgres95's source code anonymously from ftp.ki.net as ftp://ftp.ki.net/pub/postgres95/postgres95.tar.gz and its mirrors: ftp://postgres95.vnet.net:/pub/postgres95 (courtesy of Ginger Lattav lattav@vnet.net and Jason Wright jason@vnet.net )
ftp://ftp.luga.or.at/pub/postgres95 (courtesy of the Linux User Group - Austria)

The Java-Linux project hit some legal snags recently, but is currently back on track. According the the Blackdown Organization:

“The distribution of the Linux port of the JDK will resume as soon as the new binary license is released by Sun Microsystems, which is expected within the week (9/1/96). In addition, the 1.0.2 port of the JDK is underway, but its release will also be dependent on the release of the new license, which must be included with the distribution archives.”

Their site is: http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux.html

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