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Title:          amd-upl102.patch.gz
Version: (unofficial patchlevel 102)
Entered date: Wed Sep 27 11:49:52 MET 1995
Description: Patch against amd-upl102: linux-specific hacks for the 4.4 BSD Automount-Daemon; host-specific fs-types (like "msdos" or "iso9660") or NFS volumes can be mounted automatically
Keywords: mount admin daemon amd
Author: Jan-Simon Pendry, jsp@doc.ic.ac.uk,
Erez Zadok, ezk@cs.columbia.edu
Maintained by: Hannes Reinecke, hare@mathi.uni-heidelberg.de
Primary site: ftp.zarquon.mathi.uni-heidelberg.de:/pub/Linux/Net
Alternate site: sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Incoming amd-upl102.patch.gz
Original site: src.doc.ic.ac.uk:/pub/computing/systems/unix/amd ftp.cs.columbia.edu:/pub/amd
Platform: Lots, including Linux, *BSD*
Copying policy: BSD
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