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Linux Journal Issue #35/March 1997


Creating and Using a Database with Perl  by Randy Scott
There are a variety of different database formats in a UNIX environment available to the Perl programmer.
Perl and Sockets  by Mike Mull
Learn about Perl's ability to use sockets, a mechanism of interprocess communication and the basis for most Internet clients and servers.
Wherefore Art, Thou?  by Larry Wall
The discourse on the art of Perl programming, originally printed in The Perl Journal .

News & Articles

AMD—AutoMount Daemon  by Matthew Crosby
Using the 12C Bus with Linux  by Simon G. Vogl
The Death of Xenix  by Evan Leibovitch
The Guide to Virtual Services  by Chad Robinson
NEdit  by Dan Wilder
Setting Up UUCP  by James L Hill


Product Review   Metro-X and Accelerated-X  by Jonathan Gross
Book Review   Programming Perl  by Phil Hughes
Book Review   Perl 5 by Example  by Sid Wentworth


Writing Man Pages in HTML  by Michael Hamilton
A Point About Polygons  by Bob Stein
At the Forge   Using the httpd error log to debug CGI  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
Linux Means Business   Linux Means Business for the City of Garden Grove, CA  by Pyng Chang and Charles Kalil
New Products  
Linux Gazette   Using the TCSH Shell  by Jasper K Pedersen
Best of Technical Support  by Gena Shurtleff
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