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Amy Kukuk

Issue #38, June 1997

Integra4 RDBMS for Linux, Clustor 1.0, BitWizard and more.

Integra4 RDBMS for Linux

Integra4, a relational database management system, has been announced by Coromandel Software Ltd. Integra4 is compliant with ANSI SQL2. Some of its features include: engine supporting referential integrity, stored procedures and triggers, forms, 4GL application development and embedded SQL support. There are also other tools developed around Integra4 which include Bankon, RA, GIS tools and a portfolio management system. There is a special pricing policy for the Linux Community.

Contact: Coromandel Software Ltd., N-505, North Block Read Wing, Manipal Centre, Dickenson Road, Bangalore 560042, INDIA Phone: +91(80) 5585463, Fax: +91(80) 5586415, E-mail: cosoft.developer@gems.vsno.net.in.

Clustor 1.0

Active Tools, Inc. announced the release of Clustor 1.0, a program for managing large computational tasks. Clustor simplifies a common computationally intensive activity—running the same program code numerous times with different inputs. Clustor provides increased performance by distributing jobs over a network of computers and improved task management through a friendly user interface. Clustor 1.0 is currently available for several operating systems, including Linux. Introductory prices range from $799-$1299 for Clustor Root and $199-$299 for Clustor Node. Discounts for multiple copies are available. Evaluation versions of Clustor can be downloaded from: http://www.activetools.com/.

Contact: Active Tools Inc., 246 First St., Suite 310, San Francisco, CA 94105 Phone: (415) 882- 7062, Fax: (415) 680-2369, E-mail: info@activetools.com, URL: http://www.activetools.com/.


BitWizard is pleased to announce that it is starting a Linux device driver service. This means you can concentrate on creating PC-based systems, and BitWizard will make the required device drivers for the cards you select. The driver will be ready within a week or two after BitWizard gets the hardware and the documentation. For price quotes contact BitWizard.

Contact: BitWizard, Phone: +31-70-3700841 or +31-654-727520, E-mail: R.E.Wolff@BitWizard.nl, URL: http.//BitWizard.nl/.

Hitachi MP-EG1A

Hitachi will soon have MPEG Cameras available for evaluation and review. This is a point-and-shoot camera. The MPEG Cam features include: MPEG movies, shoot and store 3000 JPEG images, and digital audio. The system requires a multimedia PC with a Pentium 100Mhz or faster, 16MB RAM, 8MB available on hard disk, and a CD-ROM with speakers or headphones. The cost of the MPEG Camera is $2,499.95.

Contact: MPEG Cam Network Webmaster, Phone: (305)443-7973, Fax: (305) 447-0745, E-mail: Rob@QuantumLeap.net, URL: http://www.MPEGCam.net/.


Electronic Software Publishing Corporation announced LinkScan, the first commercially available link checker that operates on Unix servers. Designed to work on both Internet and Intranet servers, LinkScan can test over 30,000 links per hour because it uses multi-threaded simultaneous processing. For a web site, LinkScan offers the following features: Scans for missing HTML documents, images and other files; validates all internal hyperlinks; checks all name tags and references, creates two types of site maps or table of contents suitable for publication and discovers orphaned files. The price for personal use is $49.95 each. A license is required for each server on which the product is used.

Contact: Electronic Software Publishing Corporation, 1504 #8-00200 Main Street, Gardnerville, NV 89410-5273, E-mail: linkscan@elsop.com, URL: http://www.elsop.com/.

Pixel!FX Version 5.1

Mentalix Inc. announced the availability of Pixel!FX Version 5.1. Additionally, the entire Pixel!FX Version 5.1 suite of products is now available for Linux users. Mentalix has also released a new version of its Pixel!SCAN Photoshop Plug-In, which provides scanning functionality for users of Adobe Photoshop for Unix. Pixel!OCR 5.1 builds on the capabilities of previous versions with its multiple OCR engine technology. Certain modules may be purchased separately, or users may choose the entire, end-to-end imaging suite in one product, Pixel!FX Deluxe.

Contact: Mentalix 1700 Alma Drive, Suite 110, Plano, Texas 75075, Phone: 972-423-9377, Fax: 972-423-1145, E-mail: info@mentalix.com, URL: http://www.mentalix.com/.

JClass Chart

KL Group Inc. announced the launch of JClass Chart. JClass Chart is a Java Bean component that enables Java developers to embed sophisticated graphs and charts into applications and applets quickly and easily. JClass Chart joins JClass BWT and JClass LiveTable Pro in KL's Java component offerings. Some features include: rotation and scaling capabilities, flat files and sockets, and axes andlabels for easy development. The cost of the JClass Chart is $399 and the Chart Source is $999.

Contact: KL Group Inc. 260 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5A 1K3, Phone: 800-663-4723, Fax: 416-594-1919, E-mail: info@klg.com, URL: http://www.klg.com.jclass/chart/.

Internet/Intranet Design Shop

Boomerang Software announced the Internet/Intranet Design Shop. The program integrates a WYSIWYG HTML document processor, graphics editor, photo editor, business graphics and presentation creator, a clip art manager and a calendar generator. A free trial version is available for downloading from the company's web site at http://www.mosaiccom.com/.

Contact: Boomerang Software, Phone: 617-489-3000, E-mail: info@mosaiccom.com, URL: http://www.boomerangsoftware.com/.

Velocis Database Server

Raima Corporation announced it is now offering Velocis Database Server. Velocis is a client/server database management system for the Linux operating system. Velocis supports multiple database models. Velocis offers SQL C-API so developers and end users can use an industry standard interface for manipulating and controlling the database. It also enables developers to partition their applications using Server Extensions, which allow application code to be hosted directly against the database server.

Contact: Raima Corporation, 4800 Columbia Center, 701 Fifth Ave., Seattle WA 98104, Phone: 800-327-2462, 206-515-9477, Fax: 206-748-5200,URL: http://www.raima.com/.

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