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Linux Journal Issue #38/June 1997


Who Is At the Door: The SYN Denial of Service  by Douglas L. Stewart, P. Tobin Maginnis and Thomas Simpson
What SYN really is, why it's needed in TCP/IP, why the denial of service attack works and how to prevent it.
Network Management & Monitoring with Linux  by David Guerrero
Monitoring network activity is a necessity for today's managers. Here are some handy and easily accessible tools for doing so.

News & Articles

Ghosting onto the Net  by Scott Steadman
Consistent Keyboard Configuration  by John F. Bunch


Product Reviews   Wabi 2.2  by Dwight L Johnson
Product Reviews   OSS/Linux Sound Driver  by Jeff Tranter
Book Reviews   Linux in a Nutshell  by Sid Wentworth
Book Reviews   Programming with GNU Software  by Randyl Britten


Using MSQL in a Web-Based Production Environment  by B. Scott Burkett
At the Forge   Creating a Multiple Choice Quiz System  by Reuven Lerner
Marketsmith  by Doc Searls


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor   LG and IELG  
Stop the Presses   Uniforum '97  by Marjorie Richardson
Linux Means Business   Traveling Linux: An Implementation Experience  by Maurizio Cachia
Kernel Korner   Booting the Kernel  by Alessandro Rubini
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