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Issue #40, August 1997

Cyclades-Z Multiport Serial Cards: S.u.S.E. Linux Version 4.4.1, LinkScan Version 2.1, AllConnect, 3DGO, and more...

Cyclades-Z Multiport Serial Cards

Cyclades Corporation announced a new family of multiport serial cards for the ISP and corporate remote access needs. The Cyclades-Z family sustains effective serial speeds of up to 460Kbps and is available in low-cost boards with 8 ports to rack-mountable models expandable to 64ports/slot. The product is being introduced with support for both Linux and NT operating systems. The 8-port model is priced at $623, but ISPs and first-time buyers can get the board at the promotional prices ($399 for an 8-port model) for a limited time.

Contact: Cyclades Corporation, 41934 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538, Phone: 510-770-9727 ext. 206, Fax: 510-770-0355, E-mail: info@cyclades.com, URL: http://www.cyclades.com/.

S.u.S.E. Linux Version 4.4.1

S.u.S.E. announced S.u.S.E. Linux Version 4.4.1, a distribution of the Linux operating system, which brings 32-bit multitasking Unix to Intel-based PCs. The new version contains X Window support via XFree86 3.2A, RPM packages, modular kernel 2.0.29, Teles 16.3 ISDN card support and a DOS emulator that is loadable without recompiling the kernel. Software highlights include LNX, the Java Development Kit and an HTML-based help system. The distribution features three CD-ROMs, a 400-page reference book and the YaST setup and management tool.

Contact: S.u.S.E., LLC, 458 Santa Clara Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94610, Phone: 510-835-7873, Fax: 510-835-7875, E-mail: jgray@suse.com, URL: http://www.suse.com/.

LinkScan Version 2.1

Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) introduced new features in LinkScan version 2.1 that enhance its power and flexibility for checking Internet and Intranet web sites. Elsop has added a number of features, including support for server aliases, server redirections and selective execution of CGI scripts. LinkScan also supports proxy servers. Elsop's LinkScan reports and site maps may be viewed using any standard Web browser. Free fully functional evaluation copies of LinkScan can be downloaded from the company's web site at: http://www.elsop.com/.

Contact: Electronic Software Publishing Corporation, 1504 #8-00200 Main Street, Gardenerville, NV 89410-5273, E-mail: linkscan@elsop.com, URL: http://www.elsop.com/.


Empress Software, Inc. announced support for Digital Equipment Corporation's AllConnect for Unix, a program designed to assist software developers in the integration and migration of Unix and Windows NT applications. Empress has also recently unveiled a combination of RDBMS development tools, including the Embedded Empress RDBMS Developer's Toolkits for Unix and NT. The toolkits include the Empress RDBMS, the Empress HTML Toolkit for interfacing database driven applications to the Internet/Intranet and the Empress ODBC Server which enables use of the RDBMS with 3rd-party ODBC-compliant tools. The Toolkits are available for $1,000 for 2 users on NT, $5,600 for typical workstations and $22,400 for mid-range servers.

Contact: Empress Software Incorporated, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD, 20770, Phone: 301-220-1919, Fax: 301-220-1997, E-mail: sales@empress.com, URL: http://www.empress.com/.


ELECTROGIG, a software company specializing in ray tracing, animating and modeling, announced that 3DGO (version 3.2) is available for the Linux PC platform and a beta version is available for the MkLinux platform. (3DGO was developed on the SGI Unix platform.) A demo-version of 3DGO for Linux can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.gig.nl/demo/.

Contact: ELECTROGIG Technology, Phone: 31-20-4624600, Fax: 31-20-4650990, E-mail: info@gig.nl, URL: http://www.gig.nl/products/prodinfo.html/.

XRT Products and Metro Link Motif

KL Group, Inc. and Metro Link, Inc. announced today that Metro Link's Motif for Linux will now include KL Group's XRT Professional Developer's Suite free. XRT PDS is a recently announced suite of market-leading widgets and utilities for professional Motif developers. Metro Link Motif is popular with Linux users who wish to implement the industry standard Motif Graphical User Interface. Metro Link Motif 2.0.1, including the free XRT PDS has a list price of $199. The free version is functionally identical to KL Group's standard product, except that it does not come with printed documentation. Complete on-line documentation is included.

Contact: Metro Link, Incorporated, 4711 North Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309, Phone: 954-938-0283, Fax: 954-938-1982, E-mail: sales@metrolink.com, URL: http://www.metrolink.com/.

Contact: KL Group, 260 King Street East, Floor Three, Toronto, ON, Canada, Phone: 416-594-1026, E-mail:info@klg.com, URL: http://www.klg.com/.


Strategic Forecasting, L.L.C. announced the release of MPAS (Multi-Platform Access System). MPAS provides resource management functionality similar to NT and Novell but at a lower cost. It runs on DOS, Windows 3.x and Windows95 clients and supports links to virtually any server platform. MPAS' single step login provides a cross-platform system interface allowing Windows and DOS users controlled, secure access to personal or shared files from any server on the network. The system administrator can re-map a user's virtual drives in a matter of minutes. Maintenance and system changes can be performed without interference to the user's activities. MPAS version 1.01 is available at a special introductory price of $10 per client with a minimum 20 seat purchase.

Contact: Strategic Forecasting, L.L.C., 617 North Blvd., Suite 400 Baton Rouge, LA 70802, Phone: 504-267-5507. Fax: 504-267-4108, E-mail: info@mpas.com, URL: http://www.mpas.com/.

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