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Linux Journal Issue #40/August 1997


Designing a Safe Network Using Firewalls  by Paul Wouters
It is by no means necessary to purchase specialized firewall hardware or even software. A Linux server—running on a $400 386 PC—provides as much protection as most commercial firewalls, with much greater flexibility and easier configuration.
Tripping Up Intruders with Tripwire  by Kevin Fenzi
You can ensure the security of your Linux machine with this program.
TCFS: Transparent Cryptographic File System  by Ermelindo Mauriello
Think of TCFS as an extended NFS. It acts just like NFS, but allows a user to protect files using encryption.
Wrap A Security Blanket Around Your Computer  by Lee Brotzman
TCP_wrappers: a simple, elegant and effective means to safeguard your network services.

News & Articles

Programming with XForms, Part 2: Writing an Application  by Thor Sigvaldason
Security and Authentication with Digital Signatures  by Robb Shecter
Interview with Sameer Parekh  by James T. Dennis


Product Review   Berkshire PC Watchdog  by David Walker
Product Review   XVScan  by Michael Montoure
Book Review   The Java Series  by Kirk Petersen
Book Review   The Linux Database  by Sid Wentworth


A Web Crawler in Perl  by Mike Thomas
At The Forge   : Templates: Separating Programs from Design  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Linux Trademark Dispute  by Phil Hughes
New Products  
System Administration   SATAN: Analyzing Your Network  by Rob Havelt
Kernel Korner   A Non-Technical Look Inside the EXT2 File System  by Randy Appleton
Linux Gazette   Big Brother Monitoring System  by Paul M. Sittler
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