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Amy Kukuk

Issue #44, December 1997

Samba 1.9.17, Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server, MetaCard 2.1.1 and the MetaCard Starter Kit and more.

Samba 1.9.17

The Samba Team has announced version 1.9.17 of Samba, a suite of corporate network integration tools. Samba is designed to service any Server Message Block (SMB) client. The new release features CIFS support, increased speed, a larger variety of servers, larger networks and improved browsing. For more information and downloading, go to or ftp://samba.anu.edu.au/pub/samba/MIRRORS.txt. Samba is freely available under the GNU public license.

Contact: URL: http://samba.canberra.edu.au/samba/samba.html.

Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server

Xi Graphics has released its X server for laptops. The Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server enables laptop users to utilize workstation-like features such as multiple visuals and gamma correction. Like the desktop version, this product supports PseudoColor, High Color and True Color modes and handles large displays. For more information see Xi Graphics' web site.

Contact: Xi Graphics, 1801 Broadway, Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303-298-7478, Fax: 303-298-1406, E-mail: info@xig.com, URL: http://www.xig.com/.

MetaCard 2.1.1 and the MetaCard Starter Kit

MetaCard 2.1.1 and the MetaCard Starter Kit, a GUI development and multimedia authoring tool, are now available from the MetaCard WWW and FTP sites: http://www.metacard.com/ and ftp://ftp.metacard.com/MetaCard/. New features include support for HTTP, POST, GET and proxies, encoding functions and new scripting language features. A full list of features is available in the README.2.1.1 file.

Contact: MetaCard Corporation, 4710 Shoup Pl., Boulder, CO 80303, Phone: 303-447-3976, Fax: 303-499-9855, E-mail: www@metacard.com, URL: http://www.metacard.com/.


Rondeau Software announced the release of pryzm, a Motif-based text editor for Linux with CDE. pryzm includes file opening via “drag and drop” from the CDE File Manager, session manager compliance, navigation to any open file in any CDE workspace and more. The price for a single-user license wh binaries is $50US.

Contact: Rondeau Software, Inc., 24 Dawn Heath Drive, Littleton, CO 80127, Phone: 303-904-3604, E-mail: rondeau@csn.net, URL: http://www2.csn.net/rondeau/.


Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) has announced the availability of QuickStart, a new family of multi-platform software solutions for system replication and disaster recovery. The family consists of QuickStart System Replicator, QuickStart System Rescue and QuickStart Data Rescue. QuickStart's system replication and disaster recovery capabilities are ideal for open systems VARs and Integrators. QuickStart System Replicator licenses are available for 10 to 10,000 users, starting at $25US per user. QuickStart Data Rescue is priced at $25US per user. The QuickStart WARStart Package is $499US.

Contact: Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc, 5016 S. Ash Ave., Suite 109, Tempe, AZ 85282, Phone: 602-820-0042, FAX: 602-491-0865, E-mail: lj-info@estinc.com, URL: http://www.estinc.com/.


The Empress RDBMS has added an option for selecting the best indexing method for a specific application. In addition to the B-tree indexing method, users of the Empress RDBMS can now take advantage of a new index method called TIMESERIES. Visit their web site or send e-mail to sales@empress.com.

Contact: Empress Software, 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770, Phone: 301-220-1919, E-mail: sales@empress.com, URL: http://www.empress.com/.

TalentSoft Web+ 3.0

TalentSoft announced TalentSoft Web+ 3.0, a web-based application development tool for Unix (including Linux) and Windows. The key features of Web+ are support for mixed platforms and a multi-tiered client/server architecture. New features include more speed, improved handling of variables and the ability to call functions from DLL files. Evaluation copies are available at the TalentSoft web site.

Contact: TalentSoft, 900 Nicollet Mall, Suite 700, Minneapolis, MN 55402, Phone: 612-338-8900, Fax: 612-904-0010, E-mail: info@talentsoft.com, URL: http://www.talentsoft.com/.

Open Sound System Sound Drivers for Linux

4Front Technologies announced the availability of the Open Sound System sound drivers for Linux (OSS/LinuxPPC) running on CHRP-based PowerPC workstations. OSS/LinuxPPC is a commercial implementation of the OSS/Free drivers, the soundcard drivers provided with the Linux kernel distribution. It supports built-in audio devices found in PowerPCs as well as Plug-n-Play (PnP) soundcards. A 7-day trial version of OSS/LinuxPPC is available at 4Front Technologies' web site.

Contact: 4Front Technologies, 11698 Montana Avenue, Suite 12, Los Angeles, CA 90049, Phone: 310-820-7365, Fax: 310 826-2465, E-mail: info@4front-tech.com, URL: http://www.4front-tech.com/linuxppc.html.

GNU Emacs Version 20

The Free Software Foundation has released a new version of its GNU text editor and programming environment. New features include support of international character sets, single multibyte character encoding within an Emacs buffer, coding systems translation and file locking with NFS. The source code for GNU Emacs 20 is available for free download from GNU ftp sites.

Contact: Free Software Foundation, URL: http://www.gnu.ai.mit.edu/.

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