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Linux Journal Issue #44/December 1997


Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux  by Andrew G. Morgan
An implementation of a user-authentication API
User Administration  by David Bandel
How to successfully manage your users.
Linux as a Proxy Server  by Peter Elton
To protect your system, put your firewall on a proxy server.
Readers' Choice Awards 1997  by Gena Shurtleff
System Information Retrieval  by Dan Lasley
Collect your system configuration files and store them on a separate machine.

News & Articles

Using Linux to Teach Unix System Administration  by Joe Kaplenk
Linux Makes the Big Leagues, Hewlett Packard Interworks 97  by Sam Williams
The Quick Start Guide to the GIMP, Part 2  by Michael J. Hammel
LJ Interviews Larry Augustin  by Marjorie Richardson


Product Review   OmniBasic  by Eric Harlow
Product Review   BRU 2000 for X11  by Garrett Smith
Product Review   Raima Database Manager++, Velocis Database Server  by Nick Xidis
Product Review   Perforce Software Configuration Management System  by Tom Bjorkholm
Product Review   VA Research VAR Station II  by Jim Dennis
Book Review   STL for C++ Programmers  by Bob Adkins
Book Review   The Linux Multimedia Guide  by Michael J. Hammel


Industrializing Web Page Construction  by Pieter Hintjens
Book Review   CGI Developer's Resource  by Reuven Lerner
At the Forge   Keeping Programs Trim with CGI_Lite  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor   Promoting Linux  
From the Publisher   A Confession and Some Ramblings  
Linux Means Business   Linux in Camouflage  
New Products  
Kernel Korner   The New Linux RAID Code  by Miguel de Icaza, Ingo Molnar, and Gadi Oxman
Linux Gazette   Disk Hog: Tracking System Disk Usage  by Ivan Griffin
Best of Technical Support  by Gena Shurtleff
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