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Linux Journal Issue #47/March 1998


Programming with XView  by Michael Hall
This article gives you a high-level introduction to programming with XView, a GUI toolkit that complements the OpenLook interface.
CDE Infrastructure  by George Kraft IV
The programming infrastructure, no its productivity tools, is a major strength of the Common Desktop Environment. This article discusses the APIs and desktop services that are benefitting developers and independent software vendors.
AfterStep 1.3.1  by Guylhem Aznar
Mr. Aznar tells us all about the developers' plans for a friendly window manager called AfterStep.
Introducing TkDesk  by John Blair
Don't want to give up your Macintosh or Window desktop for Linux—with TkDesk you don't have to.
An Introduction to the GIMP Tool Kit  by Otto Hammersmith
The purpose of this article is to give a short overview of what gtk+ is, what it can do and where to gather more information.

News & Articles

Linux Network Programming, Part 2: Creating Daemon Processes  by Ivan Griffin and John Nelson
In part 2 of our series we learn how to design and code network daemons to serve our clients well.
The SANE Scanner Interface  by David Mosberger
SANE makes it easy to support a wide variety of devices and of applications with a minimum amount of programming effort.
GPIB: Cool, It Works With Linux!  by Timotej Ecimovic
GPIB is a standard bus used in laboratory and industry data acquisition and experimental control that is now available for Linux.
Getting Rid of Spam  by Brandon M. Browning
qvplay and the Casio QV-10 Camera  by Bob Hepple
Linux software to control the Casio AV-10 camera is now available. Mr. Hepple tells us how to use qvplay.


X-Designer  by Timotej Ecimovic
Accelerated X Laptop Display Server v4.1  by Michael Scott Shappe
SGML CD: A Complete SGML Toolkit  by Terry Dawson


ISDN and Linux—Surfing at Warp Speed  by Mark Buckaway
This article presents a detailed tutorial on setting up an ISDN link to the Internet with Linux.


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Linus Wins the Nokia Award  by Phil Hughes
Take Command   Ghostscript  by Robert A. Kiesling
Ghostscript Need to preview and print PostScript Files? Here's a utility that will do just that.
Linux Means Business   Colleges Using Linux  by Don Kuenz
Colleges Using Linux Here are the details of how Casper College uses Linux in an academic setting.
New Products  
System Administration   Automated Mail Purging for SMTP Mail  by Michael S. Keller
Automated Mail Purging for SMTP Mail Mr. Keller gives us three scripts for cleaning out old mail files automatically.
Kernel Korner   Networking with the Printer Port  by Alessandro Rubini
Linux Gazette   Writing HTML with m4  by Bob Hepple
Writing HTML with m4 Ease your creation and maintenance of web pages using this handy pre-processor called m4.
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