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Linux Journal Issue #57/January 1999


DIPC: The Linux Way of Distributed Programming  by Mohsen Sharifi and Kamran Karimi
This article discusses the main characteristics of Distributed Inter-Process Communication (DIPC), a relatively simple system software that provides uses of the Linux operating system with both the distributed shared memory and the message passing paradigms of distributed programming.
Transform Methods and Image Compression  by Darrel Hankerson and Greg A. Harris
An introduction to JPEG and wavelet transform techniques using Octave and Matlab.
LJ Interviews Kent McNall of Apropos  by Marjorie Richardson
A talk with the head of a company using Informix SE for Linux in a point-of-sale application almost before it was announced.
1998 Readers' Choice Awards  by Amy Kukuk
You voted, we counted, here are the results.
1998 Editor's Choice Awards  by Marjorie Richardson
A look at the Editor's choices for best products of 1998 and why she chose them.

News & Articles

Introduction to LyX  by Ulrich Quill
Make working with LaTex easier by using the WYSIWYG editor LyX.
x-automate: Control Your Home with Linux  by Stewart Benedict
Mr. Benedict show us the way to live in the home of the future by using our computer to control lights and appliances.
A Short History of Women in Technology  by Thomas Connelly
If you think all computer professionals are men think again. Mr. Connelly tells us about some well-known women in computer annals.
The Proper Image for Linux  by Randolph Bentson
Dr. Bentson did a survey of Linux kernel developers to find out about their backgrounds. Here are the results.
Understanding a Context Switching Benchmark  by Randy Appleton
A look at the Linux kernel scheduler.
An Introduction to VRML  by Tuomas Lukka
Getting Started with Quake  by Bob Zimbinski
First Canadian National Linux Installfest  by Dean Staff


VariCAD Version 6.2-0.3  by Bradley Willson
SciTech Display Doctor 1.0  by James Youngman
PartitionMagic 4.0: A Linux User's Perspective  by Roderick Smith


Take Command   Calendar Programs  by Michael Stutz
Mr. Stutz introduces us to a digital method for keeping track of appointments and those important dates in our lives.
Linux Means Business   Linux as a PACS Server for Nuclear Medicine  by Cheng-Ta Wu
Linux is being used in a Taiwan hospital as a server for medical images and as a firewall.
System Administration   Caching the Web, Part 1  by David Guerrero
Improve your users' browsing and save your bandwidth by using proxy servers to cache web pages.
Kernel Korner   Linux for Macintosh 68K Port  by Alan Cox
“I don't care if space aliens ate my mouse” or a case study in both the technical and human issues in porting the Linux OS to a new M68K target platform.
At the Forge   Creating a Web-based BBS, Part 1  by Reuven M. Lerner
Ready to create your own virtual community? Here's how to begin.


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses  by Norman M. Jacobowitz
1998 Atlanta Linux Showcase
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  

Strictly On-line

Installation and Configuration of FreeBSD  by Sean Eric Fagan
Here's how to set up a web server using another freely available operating system, FreeBSD, a high performance, mature, UNIX-like system.


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