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Linux Journal Issue #73/May 2000


Python Supplement  


Programming  by Marjorie Richardson


The Code Analyser LCLint  by David Santo Orcero
Debugging code is never fun, but this tool makes it a bit easier.
Embedding Python in Multi-Threaded C/C++ Applications  by Ivan Pulleyn
Python provides a clean intuitive interface to complex, threaded applications.
X/Motif Programming  by Ibrahim F. Haddad
And God said “Let there be light”!
Parametric Modelling: Killer Apps for Linux Clusters  by David Abramson
Get ready for parallel processing with the University of Michigan.


An Introduction to PHP3  by John Holland
If you are designing a new web site, this language can provide just the help you need.
Creating Smart Print Queues  by Mark Plimley
This article will help you understand print filters and how to create and install your own personalized filters.
Palm Pilot Development Tools  by Eddie Harari
How to program you hand-held computer using Linux.
Daryl Strauss, Precision Insight  by Steven Pritchard
Want to find out what's happening with 3dfx graphics hardware and the port to Glide? Read on.
Building a Wireless Nework with Linux  by Billy Ball
Want your laptop and PC to talk to each other without having to deal with wires? Here's how.
Linux Webpads Give PC Competition  by Linley Gwennap
New hardware for a new generation.


Igel Etherminal J and Instant TC  by David Weis
Moreton Bay PoPToP/NetTEL  by Jon Valesh
Conectiva Linux  by Jason Kroll
The Raritan CompuSwitch  by Alex Heizer
Red Hat Certified Engineer Program (RHCE Exam Cram)  by Andrew G. Feinberg
JavaScript Application Cookbook  by Ralph Krause
Programming Pearls, 2nd Edition  by Harvey Friedman


Linux Apprentice: Bourne Shell Scripts   Scripting with EX and Here files.  by Randy Parker
Take Command   : xv: The X Viewer  by Marjorie Richardson
When you want to take a quick look at a graphics file, XV is the application to use.
Linux Means Business   Linux Use Rocketing at Jet Propulsion Laboratories  by Drew Robb and Joe Zwers
A look at how JPL scientists are using Linux to build better spacecraft and make accurate calculations.
System Administration   The Linux Trace Toolkit  by Karim Yaghmour and Michel Dagenais
Analyzing performance is one of the most important tasks of a system administrator; here's how to do it using Linux.
Kernel Korner  by Moshe Bar
Linux in Education: Linux at Yorktown High School   How this school is utilizing Linux to teach students, do remote administration and save money.  by Justin Maurer
Cooking with Linux   Rapid Program-Delivery Morsels, RPM  by Marcel Gagné
Installing and upgrading software need not be difficult—Monsieur Gagné tempts us with delectable RPM.
At the Forge   Creating Queries  by Reuven M. Lerner
Games We Play: The New and The Old  by Jason Kroll
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Systems News Briefs  by Rick Lehrbaum
The Last Word  by Stan Kelly-Bootle


More Letters
Penguin's Progress: Getcha Program!  by Peter H. Salus
Linux for Suits   Patent Absurdities  by Doc Searls
Best of Technical Support  
New Products  

Strictly On-Line

Dynamic Class Loading in C++  by James Norton
A technique for developers that will provide them with much flexibility in design.
WordPerfect for Linux Bible  by Ben Crowder
The Network Block Device  by P.T. Breuer, A. Marín Lopez, Arturo García Ares
Linux Administration for Dummies  by Harvey Friedman
A Real-Time Data Plotting Program  by David Watt
How to program using the Qt windowing system in X.
Shell Functions and Path Variables, Part 3  by Stephen Collyer
Acontinuation of our introduction to path variables and elements.
IBM's Universal Database  by Paul Zikopoulos
Getting DB2 up and running on Linux.
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