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Linux Journal Issue #78/October 2000


Open-Source Intrusion Detection Tools for Linux  by Bobby S. Wen
Armed with Linux and Open Source tools, you can even keep an ISP secure.
Securing DNS and BIND  by Michael D. Bauer
Decreasing the vulnerability of your DNS server is largely a matter of staying current and private.
Using Postfix for Secure SMTP Gateways  by Mick Bauer and Brenno de Winter
Improve your site's e-mail hygiene and make life difficult for spammers and hackers.
Focus: Security  by Don Marti
The time for security excuses is over.


RTcmix for Linux (Part 1)  by Dave Topper
In the first part of this three-part series on real-time audio synthesis we take you through the history and basis of RTcmix.
Apache User Authentication  by Ibrahim F. Haddad
A guide to setting up user authentication for the Apache web server running on Linux, using the plaintext file method.
Distance Education Using Linux and the MBone  by Kelly Davis, Dr. Tom Miller and Charles Price
There is more to the Internet than sending JPGs. See how Linux and the MBone addresses the nedds of distance learning.
Automated Installation of Large-Scale Linux Networks  by Ali Raza Butt and Jahangir Hasan
Need to load Linux on 100 workstations? Learn some tricks and techniques that could save you days of tedious work.
Graphics: Pick a Card...Any Card  by Matt Matthews
With graphics capabilities being so important and new cards appearing all the time, you need a scorecard to pick the right one. Here it is ...
BusyBox: A Swiss Army Knife for Linux  by Nicholas Wells
Learn how to save disk space with this open source tool for embedded systems.


Kernel Korner   Contributing to the Linux Kernel­The Linux Configuration System  by Joseph Pranevich
At the Forge   Configuring, Tuning, and Debugging Apache  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   A Few Recipes for Easier Firewalls  by Marcel Gagné


Linley on Linux Linux Drives Digital Audio Revolution  by Linley Gwennap
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Systems News  by Rick Lehrbaum
The Last Word  by Stan Kelly-Bootle


Comparison of Backup Products  by Charles Curley
Easysoft Data Access Middleware  by Jon Valesh
Magic Enterprises Edition 8.3 for Linux  by Jon Valesh
Omnis Studio RAD  by Nick Wells
Unix Backup and Recovery  by Charles Curley
LaTeX for Linux  by Ben Crowder
The XML Handbook 2nd Edition  by Daniel Lazenby
Securing Linux  by Charles Curley
Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls  by Ralph Krause
Linux Programming Bible  by Ben Crowder


From the Editor   Goodbye Bandits, Hello Security  by Don Marti
From the Publisher   UnixWare and Linux Get Hitched  by Phil Hughes
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