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Heather Mead

Issue #89, September 2001

PBS Pro 5.1, ClusterWorX 2.0, Javlin, and more.

PBS Pro 5.1

Version 5.1 of Veridian's PBS Pro is now available in the professional edition for workload management and batch queuing on clusters. Job-tracking capabilities and a common user interface allow PBS Pro to be used on all UNIX platforms. Features in version 5.1 include dynamic load balancing, cross-system scheduling, job interdependency and chaining, pre-emptive job scheduling, management for batch and interactive work, and graphical and command-line interfaces.

Contact: Veridian Systems, PBS Products Dept., 2672 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 810, Mountain View, California 94043, 877-905-4PBS (US toll-free), sales@pbspro.com, www.pbspro.com.

ClusterWorX 2.0

ClusterWorX 2.0 is Linux NetworX's management software that allows administrators to control the cluster as a single system. It allows users to monitor a cluster system remotely down to the individual node. Customizable and extendable, ClusterWorX also employs an event engine that can be set up for a variety of variables. Features of ClusterWorX include visually based monitoring, plugin support, three-tiered application, integrated disk cloning and image management, and node power monitoring.

Contact: Linux NetworX, 8689 South 700 West, Sandy, Utah 84070, 801-562-1010, info@linuxnetworx.com, www.linuxnetworx.com.


Javlin, Object Design's middle-tier enterprise JavaBean data cache manager, has been extended to Linux i386 environments, supporting version 2.4 of the kernel. Javlin stores and delivers data to application servers using distributed, persistent caches. Javlin also allows dynamic addition of categories and attributes while the system is in production. In addition, it provides a Java dynamic data framework.

Contact: Object Design, 25 Mall Road, Burlington, Massachusetts 01803, 800-424-9797 (US toll-free), info-objectdesign@objectdesign.com, www.objectdesign.com.

Pervasive.SQL 2000i

Pervasive Software, Inc. released Pervasive.SQL 2000i, embedded database software for building applications that can migrate to the Web and across platforms without code changes. The multiplatform database engine supports version 2.2 and higher of the kernel. 2000i provides backward compatibility with existing API-based applications on Linux, NetWare and NT platforms. In addition, it offers server/requester version independence and integration without configuration changes. Pervasive.SQL supports the ODBC, OLE DB 2.5 and JDBC 2.0 standards, as well as Java, Perl, PHP and other languages.

Contact:Pervasive Software, Inc., 12365 Riata Trace Pkwy., Bldg. II, Austin, Texas 78727, 800-287-4383 (US toll-free), info@pervasive.com, www.pervasive.com.


everStor, Inc. announced the availability of Replicator, its management, replication and archival software. Replicator centralizes control and management for replicating specific disks, directories or files from any server or workstation within an enterprise over a LAN, WAN or the Internet. As it provides on-line data availability, Replicator can be used as part of a disaster recovery program. Residing on the server or network appliance, Replicator requires no installation of client-side software. File transfer occurs over a TCP/IP connection.

Contact: everStor, Inc., 1240 N. Lakeview Avenue, Suite 150, Anaheim, California 92807, 714-970-7511, sales@everstor.com, www.everstor.com.

Sistina GFS 4.1.1

Sistina's GFS is a clustered filesystem that allows multiple servers on a SAN to have read/write access to a single filesystem on shared SAN devices. New features of version 4.1.1 include GFS kernel patches for Linux 2.4.5, a new I/O fencing method (apc_ms network power switch) and updated initialization scripts. GFS 4.1.1 is released under the GNU GPL and can be downloaded at www.sistina.com/gfs/software/index.html.

Contact: Sistina Software, Inc., 1313 Fifth Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414, 612-638-0507, www.sistina.com.


MandrakeSoft, publishers of Linux-Mandrake, announced the release of the Single Network Firewall, the first in its new line of security products branded MandrakeSecurity. Designed specifically for use by small- and medium-sized businesses and SOHOs, it includes an easy-to-use remote web interface, a secured connection for the network, and filtering, intrusion detection and proxy features. Released under the GNU GPL, it can be downloaded from http://www.linux-mandrake.com/.

Contact: MandrakeSoft, Inc., 2400 N. Lincoln Avenue, Altadena, California 91001, 626-296-6290, www.mandrakesoft.com.

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