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Linux Journal Issue #89/September 2001


Passive-Aggressive Resistance: OS Fingerprint Evasion  by Rob Beck
Everything you need (including code) to do it.
Taming the Wild Netfilter  by David A. Bandel
iptables, ipchains—what's the difference?
An Introduction to OpenSSL Programming, Part I of II  by Eric Rescorla
Filling in the gaps of the OpenSSL manual pages.


The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol  by Sander van Vugt
Lighter data retrieval and an alternative to NIS.
Configuring XDM  by Ron Hume
Taking advantage of this vnc alternative.


Take Command   Password's Progress  by Bruce Byfield
Kernel Korner   Loadable Kernel Module Exploits  by William C. Benton
At the Forge   Introducing Enhydra  by Reuven Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Brochettes de Sécurité  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   GPG: The Best Free Crypto You Aren't Using, Part I of II  by Michael D. Bauer


Focus on Software   Security Applications  by David A. Bandel
Focus on Embedded Systems   Embedded Linux at JavaOne  by Rick Lehrbaum
Linux for Suits   Lessons in Mid-Crash  by Doc Searls
Geek Law A Question of Licenses  by Lawrence Rosen


SuSE 7.2 Professional  by Don Marti
Hacking Linux Exposed  by Thomas Osterlie
Jagged Alliance 2 for Linux  by J. Neil Doane


From the Editor   Security Begins with Me  by Richard Vernon
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