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Listing 1. Slots

public slots:
  /** calls repaint() on all views connected to the
   *  document object and is called by the view by
   *  which the document has been changed.
   *  As this view normally repaints itself, it is
   *  excluded from the paintEvent.
  void slotUpdateAllViews(KalculateView *sender);

  /** All of the calculator functions, a method for
   *  each actual button a real calculator would
   *  have. Instead of having some setNum(int)
   *  function, I used this design to not only make
   *  the object type safe, but type agnostic. I
   *  prefer this because now we can change the
   *  back end anytime without breaking things.
  void pressZero();
  void pressOne();
  void pressTwo();
  void pressThree();
  void pressFour();
  void pressFive();
  void pressSix();
  void pressSeven();
  void pressEight();
  void pressNine();
  void pressPlus();
  void pressMinus();
  void pressTimes();
  void pressDivide();
  void pressToggleSign();
  void pressEquals();
  void pressDecimal();
  void pressClear();
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