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Heather Mead

Issue #99, July 2002

The Instant Wireless Presentation Gateway, GNU X-Tools, Crossbeam X4OS 2.0 and more.

Instant Wireless Presentation Gateway

The Instant Wireless Presentation Gateway from Linksys enables wireless PC users to project presentations and other data onto VGA-equipped devices, such as projectors, monitors and LCD panels, without physically wiring each PC to the projector. Using 802.11b wireless networking, WiFi-enabled users take turns controlling the presentation display by typing in pre-assigned key codes. The Gateway uses an Intersil PRISM 2.5 chipset housed in a MiniPCI slot and runs on a Linux-based OS. Compliant with IEEE's 802.11b industry standard, the Gateway works with compliant wireless devices of any brand.

Contact Linksys, 17401 Armstrong Avenue, Irvine, California 92614, 800-546-5797 (toll-free), sales@linksys.com, www.linksys.com.

GNU X-Tools 2.0

Version 2.0 of GNU X-Tools Standard Edition is available from Microcross. X-Tools 2.0 provides support for over 200 variants from 21 embedded CPU families. Included in X-Tools is a standard tool suite of C/C++, Java and Fortran cross-compilers, the Visual IDE, the Visual debugger, assemblers, binary utilities, a user's guide and 6,500 pages of electronic documentation. Supported target CPUs include ARC, ARM, AVR, H8, i386, i960, M32R, M68K/ColdFire, MIPS, MIPS64, PowerPC, Sparc, Thumb, XScale and more.

Contact Microcross, Inc., 151 Osigian Boulevard, Suite 154, Warner Robins, Georgia 31088, sales@microcross.com, www.microcross.com.

Crossbeam X40S 2.0

Crossbeam Systems' Crossbeam X40S version 2.0 is an open appliance that provides a complete security solution comprised of multiple applications from ISVs that can run concurrently across up to ten application processors. The X40S appliance's binary compatibility provides the ability to run any Linux-based application at line speed on a single device. The X40S is built with redundant interfaces, power supplies and fans, as well as mirrored hard drives, two network processor modules and two control processor modules. Network processor modules can include dual gigabit network interfaces and up to 16 10/100 Ethernet connections.

Contact Crossbeam Systems, Inc., 200 Baker Avenue, Concord, Massachusetts 01742, 978-318-7500, info@crossbeamsys.com, www.crossbeamsys.com.

xSeries Hosting Appliance

IBM's eServer xSeries Hosting Appliance comes with over 40 pre-integrated web development, e-commerce and database applications, allowing rapid installation for telcos and ISPs offering customized service packages. Running Red Hat on Intel-based servers, the Hosting Appliance can host hundreds of sites on a single 1U server. Available in a 1U form factor, it has a Celeron processor with 256MB standard/1.5GB max ECC SDRAM system memory. The 40GB IDE internal storage is standard and can be increased to 80GB.

Contact IBM, 1133 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, New York 10604, 888-746-7426 x7000 (toll-free), www.ibm.com/linux.

Altus 130 Server

The Altus 130 is Penguin Computing's newest addition to its line of 1U server platforms, designed for high-performance cluster computing. The system is built on the QuantiSpeed architecture of the AMD Athlon MP dual processors and the AMD 760MP chipset. It also uses standard PC2100 DDB SDRAM and has two network-bootable 10/100 Ethernet interfaces on the motherboard to provide redundant connectivity in the base system configuration. Other peripheral options are available, including up to two ATA-100 IDE hard drives, various network connections via an open PCI slot and a 24x CD-ROM drive. The systems can be customized as configured for specific needs and can be preloaded with Scyld's Beowulf software.

Contact Penguin Computing, Inc., 965 Mission Street, Suite 730, San Francisco, California 94103, 888-736-4846 (toll-free), info@penguincomputing.com, www.penguincomputing.com.

Linux Carrier-Grade Edition 2.1

MontaVista Software has released MontaVista Linux Carrier-Grade Edition 2.1, a distribution targeted for edge and core telecommunications, including applications for IP and voice networks, optical networks and VoIP gateways. The Carrier-Grade Edition contains high-availability and reliability features, such as kernel and driver hardening, monitoring and fault management services, designed to address specific needs of telecom equipment manufacturers. It also includes PICMG 2.12 hot-swap capabilities, redundant Ethernet and a resource monitoring and event management subsystem.

Contact MontaVista Software, Inc., 1237 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94085, 408-328-9200, www.mvista.com.

Mammoth PostgreSQL

Mammoth PostgreSQL is an SQL-compatible object-relational database management system designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Compatible with PostgreSQL 7.2.1, Mammoth provides a commercially supported distribution for Solaris, Mac OS X and Red Hat x86 platforms. It ships with built-in support for SSL connectivity and programming APIs for C/C++, Perl and Python. Mammoth Deluxe also ships with the SQL/XML application server LXP for integration with web-based programs like Perl and PHP. One-time and subscription-based licensing models are available.

Contact Command Prompt, Inc., 3439 NE Sandy Boulevard, #127, Portland, Oregon 97232, 503-736-4609, info@commandprompt.com, www.commandprompt.com.

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