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Linux Journal Issue #99/July 2002


autoSql and autoXml: Code Generators from the Genome Project  by Jim Kent and Heidi Brumbaugh
When working with large amounts of data, save yourself some time with these tools, developed as a result of work on the Genome Project.
Multiheading Linux Systems  by Brian Gollsneider and Arthur M. Messenger
Get set up for those jobs that require double the screen space.
Icarus Verilog: Open-Source Verilog More Than a Year Later  by Stephen Williams and Michael Baxter
More competitive than ever—and still free!


A Conversation with Stephen Williams  by Michael Baxter
Stephen reveals the secrets of just how Icarus Verilog has achieved amelioration.


Keeping Up with Python: the 2.2 Release  by Wesley J. Chun
Unification, iterators and more—the improvements to the Python 2.2 release series.
DSI: Secure Carrier-Class Linux  by The DSI Team
Security architecture specifically for clustered environments is lacking—but that will soon change.


Kernel Korner   Proper Linux Kernel Coding Style  by Greg Kroah-Hartman
At the Forge   Apache 2.0  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Art Is but Engineered Reality  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Staying Current without Going Insane  by Mick Bauer
GFX Industrial Light & Magic  by Robin Rowe


Focus on Software   On Engineers  by David A. Bandel
Focus on Embedded Systems   In Search of the Embedded Linux “Killer App”  by Rick Lehrbaum
Linux for Suits   The Protocol Problem  by Doc Searls
Geek Law   License Defamation  by Lawrence Rosen


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