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Linux Journal Issue #100/August 2002


Linux Timeline  by LWN and LJ Staff
All grown up and old enough to have a history—take a look at 100 of the most memorable Linux events.


Supporting IPv6 on a Linux Server Node  by Ibrahim Haddad and Marc Blanchet
These changing times: set up your own IPv6 server and connect to the IPv6 world.
Bare Metal Recovery, Revisited  by Charles Curley
Charles upgrades and simplifies his popular backup scripts.
The Linux Router  by Kaleem Anwar, Muhammad Amir, Ahmad Saeed and Muhammad Imran
Sure a Linux router is cheaper than a Cisco router, but how does it stack up performance-wise?
The Beowulf Evolution  by Glen Otero and Richard Ferri
The second-generation Beowulf adds some powerful new features.
How a Poor Contract Sunk an Open-Source Deal  by Henry W. Jones, III
MySQL AB and NuSphere—is their weak contract at the base of their woes?


From the Editor  by Don Marti
Hey, Embedded Developers! Buy This Magazine!
Driving Me Nuts  by Greg Kroah-Hartman
The tty Layer
Embedded Systems À La Carte  by Peter Ryser and Michael Baxter
Replacing hardware on the chip while dynamically loading the proper Linux driver? No way!
GNU Bayonne is for Telephony  by David Sugar
Sugar explains the best thing going in telephony software.


Kernel Korner   Kernel Locking Techniques  by Robert Love
At the Forge   Why Linux?  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Strike up the Band and Celebrate!  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Using iptables for Local Security  by Mick Bauer


Focus on Software   Internet Abuse  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Perspective   Where No Penguin Has Gone Before  by Rick Lehrbaum
Linux for Suits   Scoring 100  by Doc Searls
Geek Law   Fair Use  by Lawrence Rosen


ASA 2URS3 Rackmount 2U Server  by Logan G. Harbaugh
ImageStream's Rebel Router  by Paul M. Holzmann
OmniCluster Technologies' SlotServer  by Linda Hypes
Benchmark's ValuSmart Tape 80  by Cosimo Leipold


From the Editor   Welcome to the 100th Issue  by Richard Vernon
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