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Linux Journal Issue #108/April 2003


Control Everything from One Place with Synergy  by Chris Schoeneman
Run the pointer off the edge of the screen...onto a whole different computer? Forget the KVM switch, and use Synergy to interact with all your systems at once.
Scanning with SANE and Other Tools  by Michael J. Hammel
Here's the software and configuration to make scanning under Linux work.
Linux for a Small Business  by Gary Maxwell
Can you exchange files with customers and keep track of business books with 100% free software? Small-business owner Gary Maxwell says yes.
The Grand Unified Desktop  by Marco Fioretti
Applications for a variety of toolkits are coming together in a free best-of-breed desktop. To work together seamlessly, though, they need to follow important new standards.


Fixing Photo Contrast with The GIMP  by Eric Jeschke
If the sky is great while the ground is black, or the ground is right but the sky is washed out, use The GIMP to make the whole photo look properly exposed.
Programming under GNUstep—An Introduction  by Ludovic Marcotte
Borrow code written for Mac OS X and develop your own applications in Objective-C.
The GNOME 2 Desktop Environment  by Russell Dyer
GNOME 2 offers better-looking fonts and full-keyboard navigation.
Hacking Red Hat Kickstart  by Brett Schwarz
Most of the savings from Linux desktops come from reduced administration costs—like rolling a custom RPM-based load that installs itself.


Driving Me Nuts The USB Serial Driver Layer, Part II  by Greg Kroah-Hartman


Kernel Korner   The Linux Kernel Cryptographic API  by James Morris
At the Forge   Content Management  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Sometimes, You Have to Do It Yourself  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   rsync, Part II  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   Subcontinental Smackdown  by Doc Searls
EOF   Linux Distributions Agree on Standards  by Scott McNeil


Kylix 3.0 Enterprise (with C++)  by Dragan Stancevic
Hacker's Delight  by Michael Baxter


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