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Linux Journal Issue #110/June 2003


Game Programming with the SDL  by Bob Pendleton
With this well-tested library, you can easily develop games for Linux and non-Linux platforms.
Embedding an SQL Database with SQLite  by Michael Owens
You don't have to start doing DBA work just to run your SQL application on an embedded system or demo laptop. Simplify your life.
A Template-Based Approach to XML Parsing in C++  by John Dubchak
Add XML support to your project with the Apache Software Foundation's Xerces parser and some C++ code.
Speeding Up the Scientific Process  by Sam Clanton
Get rapid development and fast number crunching when you integrate critical functions in C into a Matlab project.


Lighting Simulation with Radiance  by Anthony W. Kay
Turn simple data files into amazing 3-D scenes using free software.
Linux for Science Museums  by Len Kaplan
Love interactvie museums? Volunteer to help make your favorite museum even cooler.


Driving Me Nuts The Driver Model Core, Part I  by Greg Kroah-Hartman
Memory Leak Detection in C++  by Cal Erickson
It's never too soon to fix bugs, and you can start using these tools as soon as your project will compile.


At the Forge   Customizing Plone  by Reuven M. Lerner
Paranoid Penguin   Using Firewall Builder, Part II  by Mick Bauer


Linux for Suits   : Click-N-Run: an Easier Future for Customers?  by Doc Searls
EOF   Re-energizing the Stunted PC Revolution  by Michael L. Robertson


The Sharp Zaurus SL-C700  by Guylhem Aznar
SCO Linux 4  by Steve R. Hastings
C++ Templates: The Complete Guide  by Michael Baxter


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