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Linux Journal Issue #123/July 2004


Rapid Application Development with Python and Glade  by David Reed
When you're writing complicated business apps, spend more time on your business logic and let GladeGen do the rest.
Cross-Platform Network Applications with Mono  by Ian Pointer
Build and run a useful blogging app and get a jump on .NET-compatible development.
Developing for Windows on Linux  by Joey Bernard
Use these tools from the MinGW Project to write, maintain and test Win32 apps on any GNU system.
A GUI for ps(1) Built with Mozilla  by Nigel McFarlane
Make your apps run anywhere your browser does with the development framework that's already on your desktop.


Eclipse Goes Native  by John Healy, Andrew Haley and Tom Tromey
Now you don't have to wait for a JVM to run your Java app on a new platform.
Clusters for Nothing and Nodes for Free  by Alexander Perry, Hoke Trammell and David Haynes
The processing power you need for big nightly jobs is all around you, and the desktop users won't miss it.


uClinux for Linux Programmers  by David McCullough
Do you want the development ease of Linux or the low price of an MMU-less processor? How about both?


At the Forge   Slash  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   It's a Cross Platform, All Right!  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Secure Anonymous FTP with vsftpd  by Mick Bauer


EOF  by Ibrahim Haddad
Carrier Grade Linux


Arkeia 5.2 Network Backup  by Dan Wilder


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