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Linux Journal Issue #124/August 2004


Ultimate Linux Box 2004  by Paul Bibaud, Jesse Keating, Cosmo King, Eric Logan, Micah Spacek, Tim Lee and Don Marti
We take a peek at a no-compromises system that will give everyone some PC construction ideas.
Linux on Linksys Wi-Fi Routers  by James Ewing
This sub-$100 wireless box has 16MB of RAM and a 125MHz processor. Put it to work.


2004 Editors' Choice Awards  by LJ Staff
Our newly expanded team of experts comes to some surprising conclusions on the year's best products and projects.
Linux Serial Consoles for Servers and Clusters  by Matthew E. Hoskins
Keep your servers under control with one cable, not a rackload.
Distributed Caching with Memcached  by Brad Fitzpatrick
Speed up your database app with a simple, fast caching layer that uses your existing servers' spare memory.
Data Acquisition with Comedi  by Caleb Tennis
Whatever you're discovering or inventing, now you can use any data acquisition card with the same API.
Declic: Linux 2.6 on the International Space Station  by Taco Walstra
Linux fits into this new research program in several ways, from meeting real-time requirements with the 2.6 kernel to offering a prototyping platform for microcontroller code.


Driving Me Nuts  by Greg Kroah-Hartman


At the Forge   Weblogs and Slash  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Storage Improvements in 2.6 and for 2.7  by Paul E. McKenney
Cooking with Linux   The Ultimate Cooking Box  by Marcel Gagné


Linux for Suits   Missing Pieces  by Doc Searls
EOF   Open Source Is for Pigs  by Evan Leibovitch


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