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Linux Journal Issue #137/September 2005


Internet Radio to Podcast with Shell Tools  by Phil Salkie
This Internet radio show is great—is it available as a podcast? Now the answer is always, yes.
Auditing Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Pre-Shared Key Mode  by John L. MacMichael
Don't worry about the insecurities of WEP—we have WPA. What? WPA can be cracked too? D'oh!
Compression Tools Compared  by Kingsley G. Morse Jr.
Choosing a compression utility is a delicate trade-off between CPU time and compression achieved. Get a perfect match for your available processing time and bandwidth.
802.1x on Linux with xsupplicant  by Matthew Gast
If you have WPA set up correctly, it's secure. Mick Bauer already did the server, now here's the client side.


Memory Ordering in Modern Microprocessors, Part II  by Paul E. McKenney
When all the processors are trying to read and write the same main memory, you can do things the right way, the wrong way or the right way but so-slow-nobody-cares way.
Linux Groupware Roundup  by Francis Lachapelle and Ludovic Marcotte
Take a tour of the apps that can keep your whole company or project organized.
Native XML Database Storage and Retrieval  by George Feinberg
If your application handles XML, shouldn't your database? Here's how one system handles it.
A System Monitoring Dashboard  by John Ouellette
Sometimes a big system monitoring solution is overkill. This simple script sees services the way users do and keeps you up to date on what's up and what's down.


First Beowulf Cluster in Space  by Ian McLoughlin, Timo Bretschneider and Bharath Ramesh
Want to be absolutely sure of getting your article in LJ? Just put the first Beowulf cluster in space.


At the Forge   Getting Started with Ruby  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Sleeping in the Kernel  by Kedar Sovani
Cooking with Linux   Wherefore Art Thou, Oh Access Point?  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Managing SSH for Scripts and cron Jobs  by John Ouellette


Linux for Suits   Independent Identity  by Doc Searls
EOF   The Free Software Foundation at 20  by Peter Brown


Archos PMA400  by Dovid Kopel


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