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Resources for “Building a Call Center with LTSP and Soft Phones”

Michael George

Issue #138, October 2005

Resources for the print article.

Linux Terminal Server Project: www.ltsp.org

Asterisk: www.asterisk.org

KPhone: www.wirlab.net/kphone

LBE: ltsp.sourceforge.net/ltsp-4.html

LTSP Documentation: www.ltsp.org/documentation/index.php

NIS HOWTO: www.tldp.org/HOWTO/NIS-HOWTO/ypserv.html

adduser/superadduser: www.interlude.org.uk/unix/slackware

LTSP IRC Channel: #ltsp on irc.freenode.net

See the following files on the LJ FTP site: qt.package.def, kphone.package.def and kphone.asterisk.config: ftp.linuxjournal.com/pub/lj/listings/issue138/8165.tgz

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