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Virtual Iron, Scalix Community Edition, Equilibrium MediaRich Server and more.

Virtual Iron (VFe)

Virtual Iron announced the general availability of its platform, VFe, which allows data centers to create virtual computing platforms that combine virtualization, clustering and provisioning technologies with policy-based system management in an integrated system. Virtual Iron works by seeing available hardware, disk I/O and network I/O devices as resources that can be allocated dynamically based on demand. VFe allows up to ten operating systems to run concurrently on a physical processor, a single operating system to span 16 processors or any combination in between, all sharing the same physical resources. These resources then can be provisioned automatically based on policies, thereby reducing latency and manual intervention. The VFe platform includes data center management capabilities that allow users to apply policy-based management toward provisioning and managing third-party virtual servers, including Xen. To this end, the Xen virtual machine monitor management module is included as a standard part of the Virtual Iron platform.

Virtual Iron Software, Inc., 43 Nagog Park, Acton, MA 01720, 978-849-1200, info@virtualiron.com, www.virtualiron.com.

Scalix Community Edition

Scalix Corporation released Scalix Community Edition, a free, unlimited-use version of its e-mail and calendaring software. Community Edition includes a full version of Scalix's server and Scalix Web Access (SWA), a cross-browser, cross-platform Web client with integrated personal calendaring and address book capabilities. SWA works with IE, Mozilla or Firefox on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and UNIX desktops. Community Edition offers support for POP/IMAP e-mail clients, a GUI-installation wizard and Web-based administration console, a scripting environment as well as command-line access, complete documentation and community support through the Scalix Community Forum. Fee-based technical support is available from Scalix as well. Community Edition also comes with five free Scalix Enterprise Edition user licenses and is fully compatible with Enterprise Edition.

Scalix Corporation, 1400 Fashion Island Boulevard, Suite 602, San Mateo, CA 94404, 650-931-9400, www.scalix.com.

Equilibrium MediaRich Server for Linux

Equilibrium MediaRich Server for Linux is server-based media templating software that automates image production and enables the dynamic delivery of digital media assets to the Web, mobile devices and print. For on-line retailers, MediaRich provides dynamic zoom and pan templates that generate product image derivatives from a single source image on the fly. MediaRich generates and displays crisp text and graphic elements onto an image or multiple images for dynamic product merchandising and text-graphics localization. Pre-press production houses can automate large amounts of CMYK conversions, dpi adjustments and scaling requests. MediaRich supports many popular file formats as well as loading, saving and merging IPTC, Exif and XMP metadata.

Equilibrium, 3 Harbor Drive, Suite 100, Sausalito, CA 94965, www.equilibrium.com.

ProjectForum 4.5

ProjectForum offers shared Web-based work spaces that provide a central place to collect, manage and discuss topics and work relating to a shared project. ProjectForum offers full version control, group project support, multiple authentication options, image and file management, page templates, SSL, full branding support and multiple forums for meeting. ProjectForum is available either as a fully managed hosted service or as software that can be downloaded and run in-house. Versions are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other UNIXes, while users of the software need only a standard Web browser. New features for version 4.5 include RSS feeds for every page in the forum, which complements the existing per-forum RSS feeds. RSS feeds also can be directly included in ProjectForum pages. Also new is the option to allow forum changes to be broadcast by e-mail.

CourseForum Technologies, 851 Birchmount Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2V 2R7, info@courseforum.com, www.projectforum.com.

Intrepid M

Levanta recently introduced the Intrepid M management appliance, which combines Levanta's management and provisioning software with shared storage, preconfigured templates and open-source software in a single plug-and-play device. Intrepid M plugs in to the network and allows administrators to provision servers or workstations quickly with full Linux stacks and applications; to deploy software and patches simply and quickly to multiple machines without lengthy installation steps or file copying; to migrate all software and the entire OS from one piece of hardware to another at will; to allocate resources spontaneously using commodity components, with no vendor lock-in; and to track all changes made to a machine by any means. The appliance offers a full-color status LCD, 1.4TB of storage, hot-swap RAID-5 storage, six SATA hard drives in quick-change drive bays, shared storage functionality, dual hot-swap redundant power supplies, hot-swap fans and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet NICs.

Levanta, Inc., 650 Townsend Street, Suite 225, San Francisco, California 94103, www.levanta.com.

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