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Linux Journal Issue #139/November 2005


Controlling a Pinball Machine Using Linux  by John R. Bork
The mechanical parts are bulletproof, but the 1980s electronics are beyond repair. Embedded Linux to the rescue.
Radio's Next Generation: Radii  by Dan Rasmussen, Paul D. Norton and Jon Morgan
Hours of commercial-free programs, your favorite music and you might even catch Doc Searls. Bring Internet radio to your regular listening spot.
The Ultimate Linux Lunchbox  by Ron Minnich
It fits under an airplane seat and uses a laptop power supply. No, not a laptop—a 16-node Beowulf cluster in a box.


2005 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards  by LJ Staff
Your favorite distribution is what? This year, maybe the rest of the readers finally agree with you.
Echo and Soft VoIP PBX Systems  by David Mandelstam
An old problem for long-distance lines is back for the Internet. Fortunately, today we have better tools to deal with it.


Simple Linux IP Repeaters to Extend HomePlug Range  by Francisco J. González-Castaño, Pedro S. Rodríguez-Hernández, Felipe J. Gil-Castiñeira, Miguel Rodelgo-Lacruz and José Valero-Alonso
Increase the range and functionality of your power-line network with an embedded Linux device that helps connect distant nodes.


At the Forge   Rails and Databases  by Reuven M. Lerner
Kernel Korner   Intro to inotify  by Robert Love
Cooking with Linux   Hack the Net? No, NetHack.  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Two-Factor Authentication  by Corey Steele


Linux for Suits   Dialogue with Don  by Doc Searls
EOF   The Hardware Hacking behind the Software Radio  by Dan Rasmussen, Paul Norton and Jon Morgan


Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro  by Steve R. Hastings
Linux Quick Fix Notebook  by Brian Warshawsky


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