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Resources for “Building a Home Automation and Security System with Python”

Fred Stelter

Issue #142, February 2006

Resources for the print article.

Required Python Modules

pyserial: pyserial.sourceforge.net

External Programs

curl: curl.haxx.se

zip: www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/Zip.html

sox (provides the play command): sox.sourceforge.net

Motion: www.lavrsen.dk/twiki/bin/view/Motion/WebHome

“GNU Motion: Your Eye in the Sky for Computer Room Surveillance” by Phil Hollenback, LJ, March 2005: /article/7713


Serial I/O Kit: store.qkits.com/moreinfo.cfm/QK108

Webcams: any Linux-supported Webcam that works with video for Linux.

Mier DriveAlert: www.mierproducts.com

Water Alarm: www.mitedu.freeserve.co.uk/Circuits/Alarm/walarm.htm

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