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Linux Journal Issue #142/February 2006


MSP430 Development with Linux  by Brian C. Lane
Blinking LEDs can be fun an instructive for using a nifty TI processor.
Shell Scripting a Camera Server  by Erik Inge Bolso
A few contortions are needed but you can still shell script a surveillance system.
Getting Started with Qtopia  by Lorn Potter
Want to write an application for the increasingly popular PDA platform?
Building a Home Automation and Security System with Python  by Fred Stelter
Want to use Python and cheap hardware to feel more secure about your home?
Embedding the db4o Object-Oriented Database  by Rick Grehan
How to get this single-library powerful database into your embedded system.


Thin Clients Pay More  by Stephen Sefton
Thin is always in and cost effective too.
Heterogeneous Processing: a Strategy for Augmenting Moore's Law  by Amar Shan
What do you do when you can no longer enforce Moore's law?
Embedding Python in Your C Programs  by William Nagel
Ever wonder how to put Python on a C food diet?
Three Case Studies in Community-Oriented, Open-Source Software Development  by Randall P. Embry
What does a PDA, video capture card and multimedia appliance have in common?


At the Forge   Assessing Ruby on Rails  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Little Bitty Applications  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Single Sign-On and the Corporate Directory, Part III  by Ti Leggett


Work the Shell   Conditional Statements and Flow Control  by Dave Taylor
Linux for Suits   A First Look at the Nokia 770  by Doc Searls
/etc/rant   Skim Cream not Scum  by Nicholas Petreley


Fat Man and Little Boy  by James Turner


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