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February 2006 - From the Editor: Nick Gets His Wish

Nicholas Petreley

Issue #142, February 2006

Introducing Nicholas Petreley as the new Editor in Chief of Linux Journal.

I often bump into writer's block, but it's easy to start my first and probably only From the Editor column for Linux Journal. All I have to do is start by talking about how I often bump into writer's block, which allows me to segue into just about any topic at all.

When I first started the Webzine LinuxWorld, I remember Linux Journal publisher Phil Hughes gave me a dirty look at a convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Apparently he thought we were out to crush Linux Journal with a well-funded magazine. Wrong on all accounts. LinuxWorld was not well funded, and it could never crush Linux Journal. When Phil showed some discomfort about LinuxWorld, I told him how much I preferred Linux Journal. He gave me a puzzled look and moved on.

Here it is, many years later, and I finally got my wish to join the marvelous Linux Journal team. Executive Editor Jill Franklin is a dream, and by far the best editor I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Garrick Antikajian is Linux Journal's extraordinary artist. Subscribe and download a PDF copy of TUX magazine (www.tuxmagazine.com) if you want to see how Garrick can turn anything into a work of art. VP of Sales and Marketing Carlie Fairchild is unspeakably kind and helpful. And I can't wait to work more closely with one of my heros, Doc Searls. I could go on, but I'd run out of space.

I can't sum up where I want to take Linux Journal in 25 words or less. So suffice it to say I want to keep all the good stuff, make some things more fun, add more articles of practical value and tune others to have more practical value. Stay tuned.

Oh, why is this probably the only From the Editor column you'll see from me? I prefer to do something I enjoy a lot more. Rant. Look for my monthly rant at the end of each magazine, including this one. Okay, I'm perfectly aware that some of you don't like reading rants. For $20, I'll let you folks skip that page. (I can't do that? Sorry.) But I also know some of you not only need to rant, yourselves, you have some of the same pet peeves I have. Some of you have pet peeves totally opposite of mine. But I have a feeling I'll hit a nerve one way or another, and that's a good thing.

Last but definitely not least, send us e-mail at info@linuxjournal.com. I'll fess up right now: I'm overwhelmed with the task of coming up to speed on Linux Journal. That, and I'm a full-time single dad of two young kids. The combo ain't easy, so I won't always get to your e-mail in a timely manner. But I want your input. Always. That's how to keep Linux Journal the magazine you want it to be. So give me some time to adjust, but drop us a line and let us know what you're thinking. We love it.

Nicholas Petreley is Editor in Chief of Linux Journal and a former programmer, teacher, analyst and consultant who has been working with and writing about Linux for more than ten years.

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