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Linux Journal Issue #160/August 2007


Build Your Own Arcade Game Player and Relive the '80s!  by Shawn Powers
Donkey Kong won't steal your lunch money.
Create a Linux VPN for a Nokia E61 with Openswan  by Ben Martin
Want your personal phone VPN?
Magnatune an Open Choice; iTunes an Expensive Choice  by James Lees
Trade iTunes for your tunes.
The Best Game in Town  by James Gray
Clustering game machines?


Building a Next-Generation Residential Gateway  by Alexander Sirotkin
So you want a residential gateway?
Exploiting 64-Bit Linux  by Steve Munroe
Remember when 640K was enough RAM for anyone?
Take a Peek at Some of the Freshest Projects Around  by John Knight
Some cool apps on the radar.
Building Firefox Extensions  by Justin Huff
Customizing Firefox at this level is geek paradise.
Streaming Audio with Ices and Icecast  by Brian Matherly
How W0ZWY put announcements on the Net.
Standard Operating Procedures for Embedded Linux Systems  by Chi-Hung Chou, Tsung-Hsien Yang, Shih-Chiang Tsao and Ying-Dar Lin
Need some embedded Linux guidelines?
AlphaMail Is Scalable and Accessible Web Mail  by Tony Kay
Middleware improves performance.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Django Views and Templates  
Marcel Gagné's Cooking with Linux   It's Like Déjà Vu, but at a Higher Resolution  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   007's Favorite Game: Baccarat?  
Jon "maddog" Hall's Beachhead   Cool Change  
Doc Searls' Linux for Suits   Work to Be Done  
Nicholas Petreley's /var/opinion   The Benevolent Racketeer  

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