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Linux Journal Issue #210/October 2011


Advanced Firewall Configurations with ipset  by Henry Van Styn
Get more from your iptables with less work.
Network Programming with ENet  by Mike Diehl
Create cross-platform network programs easily.
The Lustre Distributed Filesystem  by Petros Koutoupis
Lustre gives clients access to a single file concurrently for both read and write operations, avoiding bottlenecks during file IO.
tcpdump fu  by Henry Van Styn
Introducing some packet capture basics and a breakdown of tcpdump syntax and usage.


Remote Viewing—Not Just a Psychic Power  by Joey Bernard
Linux is a great desktop OS, even when the desktop is on another continent.
Packet Sniffing Basics  by Adrian Hannah
To keep your data safe, the best defense is knowing what you can lose, how it can get lost and how to defend against it.
Python in the Cloud  by Adrian Klaver
Tame the cloud with Python.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Mustache.js  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Working with Image Files  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Practice Hacking on Your Home Router  by Kyle Rankin
Doc Searls' EOF   Linux Is Latin  


Return to Solid State  by Kyle Rankin

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