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Linux Journal Issue #211/November 2011


Building an Ultra-Low-Power File Server with the Trim-Slice  by Daniel Bartholomew
Try this for power, space and noise savings.
Learning to Program the Arduino  by Amit Saha
Blink some LEDs, create some noise, do something useful and fun.
Roaming Media  by Michael Nugent
Let your music come to you, no matter where you are in your house.
One Key to Rule Them All: GRUB, USB and a Multboot Environment  by Adrian Hannah
Set up GRUB on a USB drive and configure it with multiple boot options, all installed on the same drive.


OLPC: Are We There Yet?  by Sameer Verma
OLPC currently has more than two million laptops in the hands of children in more than 25 languages in more than 40 countries.
Creating a vDSO: the Colonel's Other Chicken  by Matt Davis
Creating a vDSO is surprsingly simple, but making it useful for sharing data between the kernel and user memory can be rather involved.


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