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NoMachine's NoMachine

Even if your friends and colleagues aren't enlightened enough to run Linux, you still can rule their PCs remotely. NoMachine's new NoMachine v.4 is a free, remote desktop control application that now runs on Mac OS and Windows in addition to the previously supported Linux. This multiplatform support allows any PC running Linux, Mac OS or Windows to control any remote computer running these same OSes, including full access to files and programs, real-time audio and video streaming, secure file sharing even through firewalls, screen capture and printing to any printer, all at a high level of performance.


Sonatype Insight for Continuous Integration

Sonatype Insight for Continuous Integration (CI) solves a major problem that anyone developing software today should care about—the discovery of security and licensing issues with third-party components. Insight for CI, Sonatype's latest intelligent tool for component-based software development, enables developers to find quality, security and licensing problems and enforce open-source policy at build time, before fixes become costly and time consuming. Insight for CI supports agile development processes with analysis of every component in every build, alerting developers immediately of any changes or policy violations that put their project at risk. Support for Hudson and Jenkins also is included. Sonatype hosts the Central Repository, the software industry's primary source for open-source components, housing more than 300,000 components and serving more than five billion requests per year.


Userful MultiSeat 5

Are you a solution provider or OEM looking for new revenue opportunities? If so, Userful Corporation wants you to take a peek at the new Userful MultiSeat 5, a product it calls “the first Linux-based software to deliver virtual desktops on Ethernet true zero client hardware”. Userful MultiSeat 5 is reported to deliver PC-like performance at half the cost of thin clients, as well as support flawless playback of 20+ simultaneous HD video streams from a single, standard mid-range PC. The solution is targeted at applications like digital signage, kiosks and interactive touch displays, VDI, cloud computing, in-flight and in-room entertainment systems, casino gaming systems, government connectivity projects, schools, universities and others. Support is included for zero clients from OEM device-makers such as HP, Viewsonic, Acer, Atrust, ThinGlobal and LG. Userful says that users worldwide now can afford blazing-fast computing performance with dozens of Ethernet true zero clients, powered only by a single PC or server located anywhere within the LAN.


Rickford Grant and Phil Bull's Ubuntu for Your Mom (No Starch)

The Ubuntu Linux distribution makes Linux easy, and Ubuntu for Your Mom makes it even easier. Full of tips, tricks and helpful pointers, this pain-free guide is perfect for those interested in, but nervous about, switching to the Linux operating system. In the book, authors Rickford Grant and Phil Bull walk readers through common tasks like installing and playing games, accessing social networks, troubleshooting common hardware and software problems, connecting with the Ubuntu community, interacting with Windows and more. Other topics covered in a step-by-step manner include system installation and administration, enjoying various media, syncing mobile devices, editing and sharing digital photos and videos, creating documents, customizing the system's look and feel and working with the command line (or avoiding it altogether).


AnHai Doan, Alon Halevy and Zachary Ives' Principles of Data Integration (Morgan Kaufmann)

How do you approach answering queries when your data is stored in multiple databases that were designed independently by different people? This is the challenge that the authorial trio of AnHai Doan, Alon Halevy and Zachary Ives solve with their new Morgan Kaufmann book Principles of Data Integration. The title is billed as the first comprehensive textbook of data integration, covering everything from theoretical principles to implementation issues and current challenges raised by the semantic Web and cloud computing. It provides an extensive introduction to the theory and concepts underlying today's data integration techniques, with detailed instruction for their application using concrete examples throughout to explain the concepts. It further provides the tools for developing a complete and concise package of algorithms and applications. A companion Web site and Facebook page add a dynamic range of interactive content and resources.


Juniper Systems' and SDG Systems' RAMPAGE 6

The new RAMPAGE 6 rugged notepad with Android is the result of a collaboration between Juniper Systems and SDG Systems. The RAMPAGE 6 is a unique iteration of Juniper Systems' Mesa Rugged Notepad, which features a 5.7-inch viewing display, IP67 ingress protection rating for water and dust, integrated 2–5 meter GPS receiver, optional integration of a 1D/2D barcode scanner, and optional Class I, Division 2 certification for use in hazardous locations. The Android 2.3 operating system on the RAMPAGE 6 offers many advantages for data collection, including easy multitasking, a modern user interface, rich programming environment, multiplatform development, abundant application data storage, open-source flexibility, and the opportunity for a custom Android interface developed by SDG Systems. Additionally, its optional kiosk mode allows only certain applications to be accessible by the user, successfully creating a single-purpose device without distractions.

www.junipersys.com, www.sdgsystems.com

Corsair Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits

Give your beloved laptop a new lease on life with Corsair's Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits, available in 120GB and 240GB sizes. Corsair says that these solid-state drives enable users to increase their laptop's performance, battery life and reliability in an affordable manner. SSDs provide significant advantages over standard hard drives, such as faster data read and write speeds, which can reduce software load and boot times. And because SSDs have no moving mechanical parts, they help laptops run cooler, reduce battery drain and resist data loss from bumps. The upgrade kit, which includes a USB-to-SATA cable and migration software, makes switching simple. The drives come in a slim 7mm-high case designed to fit in most space-constrained laptops.


Altova's MetaTeam

The beauty of the MetaTeam team management and project collaboration cloud service, says developer Altova, lies in “breaking down the mysteries of team organization into simple steps that anyone—not just project managers—can use effectively”. Specifically designed to foster agile collaboration, MetaTeam makes teams more productive by creating an environment of transparency and information accessibility. At the same time, for larger teams and more elaborate projects, it raises accountability and commitment by spelling out individual roles and responsibilities. Yet MetaTeam is not just for developers. Business teams in any capacity can access its powerful tools to enhance collaboration and efficiency in managing projects of any kind. This cloud service includes integrated apps for managing to-dos, team member roles and responsibilities, project-specific terms and documentation, structured decision making, team member information and more. Threaded discussions and customizable e-mail alerts promote communication and clarity.


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