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MSC Embedded Inc.'s Qseven Starter Kit

The new Qseven Starter Kit with AMD embedded G-Series APU, says its producer MSC Embedded Inc., frequently will be used to drive an LCD output. The MSC Q7-SK-A50M-EP4 Starter Kit consists of MSC's 3.5" Qseven baseboard Q7-MB-EP4 with heatspreader and heatsink and an integrated power supply with cable kit. The kit comes with a ready-to-run Linux installation in Flash Disk to enable an out-of-the-box functional experience. An optional TFT kit is available, which provides for a 12.1" LCD panel with XGA resolution (1024 x 768), the appropriate cable kit for operation off the Qseven baseboard and full implementation in the Qseven module's Graphics BIOS. Users can select the Qseven module with the most suitable processor and clock speed from the MSC range of Q7-A50M modules: AMD G-T40E Dual-Core APU or AMD G-T40R Single-Core APU with optional 7.2GB Flash Disk or AMD G-T16R Single-Core APU.


Peter Gasston's Modern Web (No Starch Press)

Today's Web technologies are evolving at near-lightspeed. When users can browse the Web on a 3" phone screen as easily as on a 50" HDTV, what's a developer to do? Well, flummoxed friends, there is a new book designed to answer just that question, namely Peter Gasston's Modern Web: Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Gasston's book will guide readers through the latest and most important tools for device-agnostic Web development, including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. His plain-English explanations and practical examples emphasize the techniques, principles and practices one needs to transcend individual browser quirks easily and stay relevant as these technologies are updated. After reading the book, claims publisher No Starch Press, one will be equipped to design content that displays fluidly across multiple devices as well as turn outdated Web sites into flexible, user-friendly ones that take full advantage of the unique capabilities of any device or browser.


ROSA Media Player

Handiwork of the Russian firm ROSA, the new ROSA Media Player (ROMP) 1.6 is reportedly the first free media solution with full YouTube support. This support enables users to search, view and save YouTube video clips to their computers. Other advances in the 1.6 release include desktop video and audio capture, DVD menu support and improved IPTV support, as well as the ability to load a list of channels from a remote server. ROMP, available in Linux and Windows versions, is distributed under the GPL 3+ license and available for free download and via various distribution repositories.


Exablox's OneBlox

After two years in stealth development mode, Exablox has burst out of the lab to debut its OneBlox flagship solution, an affordable storage appliance that combines a paradigm-shifting architecture design with integrated, enterprise-grade software features. The two-year development phase, complete with extensive customer and partner research, chipped away at businesses' most common storage pain points, including runaway costs, complicated installation, cumbersome data management and a lack of data security. The 100% cloud-based OneBlox's key product highlights include initial installs in less than five minutes and subsequent configurations in less than three, HTML5 storage management and control that graphically depict storage use and performance, automatically enabled deduplication and compression, dynamic and automatic capacity and performance expansion with new drives or nodes, instant data recovery from any desktop and an encrypted local copy of all data.


xTuple ERP

Distribution companies have three problems: items, items and items. Managing all the inventory in distribution-heavy industries, such as electrical, HVAC/R, PVF, office products and automotive, can be a management nightmare. These sectors are potential target customers for the updated xTuple ERP, which includes the new xWD extension for sophisticated, enterprise-class inventory control. One feature of xTuple's xWD is the external catalog that allows distribution companies to merchandise non-stock products readily for immediate sales fulfillment and generation of a corresponding purchase order. The xWD module complements the open-source xTuple's existing functionality in sales, accounting and operations—including customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution. xTuple gives customers the ability to tailor solutions with multiplatform support for Linux, Windows, Mac and mobile.


Erica Sadun and Steve Sande's Pitch Perfect: The Art of Promoting Your App on the Web (Addison-Wesley)

You're about to pour your heart, soul, skill...and savings, into creating the next big app. How will anyone know how awesome it is? Authors Erica Sadun and Steve Sande are veteran tech bloggers who have seen countless marketing successes and failures in the app world firsthand. Their new Addison-Wesley book Pitch Perfect: The Art of Promoting Your App on the Web is a guide to success with your new app. The book provides an “in” with popular blogs to get those make-or-break product reviews and features extensive tutorials on how to develop short-and-sweet pitches that capture attention. It also offers tips on how to avoid Inbox deletion, how to keep tech bloggers in the loop during the development process and how to maintain good relations with the public and the press.



Readers interested in virtualization and enterprise networking solutions will want to read on about improvements to the 6WINDGate networking software from 6WIND. 6WINDGate solves critical performance and scalability challenges for virtual switches while retaining full compatibility with standard virtual switch software, such as Open vSwitch. The company claims that 6WINDGate provides an optimized data plane solution that delivers more than a 10x acceleration for the baseline switching functions and delivers high performance for secure tunneling protocols, such as IPsec, GRE, NVGRE, VLAN and VxLAN. This enables service providers, such as cloud and telecom data centers, to achieve significant CAPEX and OPEX 1 improvements that are not possible without data plane acceleration. The virtual switch acceleration delivered by 6WINDGate is transparent to the applications running on the platform, which do not need to be recompiled or re-verified in order to work with this high-performance solution.


Wind River Linux Carrier-Grade Profile

Although carrier-grade functionality isn't new for Wind River, the new Wind River Linux Carrier-Grade Profile for the latest version of Wind River Linux delivers these capabilities on top of a Yocto Project-compatible product. Formally registered for the CGL 5.0 specification with the Linux Foundation, the profile is the first delivery of carrier-grade Linux functionalities on top of a Yocto compatibility, says the company. The Yocto Project is a multivendor, open-source project that provides templates, tools and methods for creating custom Linux-based systems for embedded products, regardless of the hardware architecture. The net result of this combination of features, says Wind River, is a decrease in complexity and costs, an increase in the portability of Linux implementations and improved cross-platform compatibility and component interoperability. Carrier-grade products typically require up to 5 nines or 6 nines (99.999% to 99.9999%) availability, translating to downtime as low as 30 seconds a year.


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