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SUSE's kGraft

SUSE opines that the differentiating factor in its new live, runtime patching solution for the Linux kernel, called kGraft, is its status as the only competing solution in the upstream Linux kernel. By extension, none of the other major Linux distributions provide updates this way. kGraft, developed by SUSE Labs, makes it easier for IT staff to install critical security and other patches without system downtime—the holy grail of uptime. The net benefit for enterprise Linux users is a significant enhancement of uptime in mission-critical environments. SUSE adds that although kGraft is, by choice, limited to replacing whole functions and constants they reference, this does not limit the set of code patches that can be applied significantly. kGraft will offer tools to assist in creating the live patch modules, identifying which functions need to be replaced based on a patch and creating the patch module source code.


Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter

Faced with increasing complexity in network environments and software agreements, IT staff members are challenged to keep accurate accounting of their software assets, contracts and entitlements. The CodeMeter software copy protection and licensing tool is a solution that simplifies this complexity. The new CodeMeter v5.10 now provides software developers with a graphical display in its WebAdmin tool that enables network-license customers to have an accurate accounting of all allocated licenses and users as well as rejected requests. End users simply can refresh their browsers to get instant updates of network license usage. CodeMeter's protection against software piracy, tampering and unauthorized usage can be software- or hardware-based and can support a wide range of licensing models. With CodeMeter, asserts Wibu-Systems, IT staff members can reduce application costs, allocate licenses efficiently and improve license security.



To its developers, WeVideo is significantly more than a mere collaborative video editing platform—it is a storytelling movement. Because WeVideo is cloud-based, social video editing is possible on the platform—that is, people joining together on-line to create a video project. Inspired by customer feedback, WeVideo's newest release includes one of the most requested features: Text Customization. Callouts also have been improved, and performance and rendering improvements are making the WeVideo experience smoother and more trouble-free. Exported files now are faster and of higher quality. The Android Video Editor, which WeVideo calls best of breed, now enjoys support for 720p and 1080p exports, Android 4.4 and Emoji symbols. Finally, the WeVideo Academy library of tips and step-by-step video lessons continues to grow, helping users more easily create the stories they want to tell.


Philippe Capet and Thomas Delavallade's Information Evaluation (Wiley)

If you are browsing for a “For Dummies” book, please don't read on. On the other hand, if you are in the market for a real intellectual challenge on, say, the philosophical nature of knowledge and how humans process it, this is for you. The new book Information Evaluation edited by Philippe Capet and Thomas Delavallade explores how we humans view information and filter it based on our own personal beliefs and convictions. We bestow upon a piece of information a certain amount of confidence on its provenance and credibility. Capet and Delavallade seek to understand and explain how these judgments are conceived, in what context and to what end. Spanning the approaches offered by philosophy, military intelligence, algorithmics and information science, this book presents the concepts of information and the confidence placed in it. It further reveals ways to evaluate information for the good of the military, economic intelligence and, more globally, the informational monitoring by governments and businesses.


Real Time Logic's Mako Server

As a compact application and Web server, Real Time Logic's Mako Server helps developers rapidly design server-side Web applications. The Mako Server provides a bare-bones Web application server environment from which developers can design and implement complete, custom solutions. The latest Mako Server now includes the C source code, which enables developers to compile the Web application server for any embedded Linux platform. In addition, Real Time Logic's BarracudaDrive—a personal cloud server solution letting people set up and operate their own secure file-sharing site—has been released as a plugin for Mako Server. Releasing BarracudaDrive source code enables developers and technical users to compile the source code for many specialized embedded Linux platforms such as OpenWrt, dd-wrt, CuBox and so on.


Charles E. Spurgeon and Joann Zimmerman's Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, 2nd edition (O'Reilly Media)

The updated 2nd edition to Charles E. Spurgeon and Joann Zimmerman's Ethernet: The Definitive Guide is classic O'Reilly—practical, to the point, with the quintessential animal on the cover. In Ethernet, readers discover what it takes to build, manage and scale Ethernet LANs, from basic Ethernet operation to network management. Further, they'll learn the answers to common questions, such as “What can I do to make sure that my Ethernet network works as well as possible?” “When do I need to upgrade to higher speed Ethernet, and how do I do that?” “How do Ethernet switches work, and how can I use them to build larger networks?” “How can I manage the network, what problems should I be looking for, and how can I troubleshoot the system when problems arise?” This thoroughly revised 2nd edition includes descriptions of the most widely used Ethernet media systems, including 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, as well as a complete glossary of terms used throughout the book and a resource list.


Untangle Inc.'s Next Generation Firewall

Because the operating margins of small- and medium-size businesses are so slim, these operations can't afford downtime. To improve business continuity for these SMBs, Untangle Inc. developed the open-source Next Generation (NG) Firewall, which is now in version 10.1. NG Firewall is a next-generation platform for deploying network-based applications. The platform unites these applications around a common GUI, database and reporting. NG Firewall's applications inspect network traffic simultaneously, greatly reducing the resource requirements of each individual application. The new version 10.1 now provides high availability via virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP). It allows organizations to deploy multiple Untangle servers as hot or cold backups, and in the event of a system failure, one of the backup servers will take over. Network users will continue to have uninterrupted access to the Internet, minimizing the impact of an outage.


Stealth.com Inc.'s LPC-630F PC

Stealth.com's LittlePC products are targeted at demanding applications, such as HMI, embedded control, digital signs, kiosks, process control, mobile navigation, thin clients and data acquisition. The company's latest addition to the LittlePC line is the LPC-630F, a high-performance, fanless, small-form computer with third-generation Core i7 processing power. Stealth.com says that the LPC-630F is loaded with features generally found in systems many times its diminutive size. The machines are encapsulated in a rugged extruded aluminum chassis performing as a heat sink to dissipate heat build-up. Its compact size 7.9" x 7.9" x 2.56" (200 x 200 x 65 mm) makes it ideal for space-challenged applications. Systems are compatible with Linux and Microsoft Windows and can be custom configured to meet the exact needs of the OEM or end user.


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