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Linux Journal Issue #242/June 2014


Monitoring Android Traffic with Wireshark  by Brian Trapp
Get a glimpse into the Internet traffic coming from your smartphone using some simple Linux tools.
OSSIM: a Careful, Free and Always Available Guardian for Your Network  by Marco Alamanni
OSSIM, the free and open-source SIEM.
Berkeley Packet Filters with Scapy (and Friends)  by Valentine Sinitsyn
Decide what should come from a socket before the data even reaches your application.


Security Hardening with Ansible  by Mark Dotson
How to secure RHEL6 with Ansible.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   URLs  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Considering Legacy UNIX/Linux Issues  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Encrypt Your Dog (Mutt and GPG)  
Shawn Powers' The Open-Source Classroom   Being a Hack  
Doc Searls' EOF   In the Matrix of Mobile, Linux Is Zion  

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