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New Products

IGEL Thin and Zero Clients

Those working in the clinical field will want to take note of innovations to the IGEL Thin and Zero Client solutions. IGEL Technology recently announced that all Linux x86-based hardware and software thin clients now integrate Imprivata OneSign ProveID Embedded, providing the health-care industry with secure clinical authentication. The addition of OneSign ProveID Embedded allows high-performance, user authentication for rapid, secure access to clinical applications and critical patient information. Instead of having to enter passwords manually, users log on to virtual desktops and/or communicate through virtual channels to core medical applications using a contactless RF-enabled smart card. The resulting improvement of work processes ensures that staff members have more time to spend with patients.


ElasticHosts' Elastic Containers

In a test analysis with its largest customers, ElasticHosts found that switching to the company's new Elastic Containers—cloud servers that are based purely on consumption, rather than capacity—would result in a 50% or more cost savings. The secret sauce is a breakthrough auto-scaling container technology that elastically expands and contracts to meet customer demands, entirely eliminating the need for manual provisioning. Because each container automatically can scale up to 64GB RAM, companies can handle usage peaks and valleys more effectively. Aside from disrupting the cloud market, ElasticHosts adds that Elastic Containers also will eliminate load balancers and reduce disaster recovery costs.


Mark Edward Soper's Building and Repairing PCs (Que Video)

We Linuxers are a roll-your-own kind of crew. Even for us though, keeping track of all the latest technologies can be overwhelming. A solution with our tribe in mind is Mark Edward Soper's Building and Repairing PCs, a hands-on tutorial dedicated to building and repairing desktop and laptop PCs. The product consists of three hours of professionally edited, downloadable videos that cover topics like selection of parts, building a system, tweaking the BIOS, overclocking, installing the latest components (such as hard disks), configuring a PC for game performance and more.


Oswald Campesato's Google Glass Development (Mercury Learning)

Oswald Campesato's new book Google Glass Development adds to Mercury Learning & Information's newly developed Pocket Primer series. Campesato's book provides an overview of the major aspects, the source code and tutorial videos to develop applications for Google Glass. It also contains information for developing Glassware using Android and HTML5 technologies, primarily for self-directed learners who have some knowledge of Android and HTML5 graphics-related technologies. Other topics include CSS3, HTML5 Canvas, D3 and SVG, as well as the Glass GDK and working with sensors.


Envivio's G5 Family of Appliances

Envivio's specialty is software-based video processing and delivery solutions. The company's latest innovation is the Envivio G5 family of Intel-based server appliances, featuring increased compression density, support for the latest Ultra HD 4K resolution and HEVC (H.265) encoding, and a lowering of operating expenses for service providers. Operators deploying Envivio Muse Live encoders on the new G5 platform can deliver up to 100 high-quality SD or 20 HD channels in a 2RU configuration. In a typical IPTV or cable scenario, this represents a significant cost savings. Rack space requirements can be reduced by nearly 40% and power consumption by more than 30% compared to the previous generation of Envivio appliances. Both 1RU and 2RU versions are available, with the latter featuring a modular hot-swappable, multi-node architecture.


Elecsys e-Modem

Industrial equipment manufacturers that need a practical and reliable solution for linking their products with data networks will be pleased to learn about the novel Elecsys e-Modem series of embedded cellular data modems. These are wireless communication devices that are pre-certified to operate on the Verizon Wireless network and are ready to integrate into industrial products to add M2M connectivity into remote field applications and rugged equipment. Key product features include multiple cellular technologies (CDMA 1xRTT and EV-DO), Verizon Wireless Open Development certification and a design for industrial applications. Target applications include oil and gas wells, energy distribution systems, agricultural facilities, transportation infrastructure and many other industrial applications.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Thanks to collaboration with Google, users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux now have a new “bring-your-own-subscription” benefit that enables them to move their on-site subscription to the Google Compute Engine. The benefit is part of the Red Hat Cloud Access program, which enables Red Hat customers to take advantage of the benefits of the Google Cloud Platform with the confidence that the consistency and quality on a public cloud matches the on-site version. Red Hat states that Red Hat Cloud Access also enables customers to maintain a direct relationship with the company—including the ability to receive full support from Red Hat's Global Support Services organization—on Google Compute Engine. This enables its customers to maintain a consistent level of service and support across all certified deployment infrastructures with consistent and predictable pricing.


Verocel's VeroTrace

The new commercial version of Verocel's VeroTrace, an advanced life-cycle management environment, features an enhanced architecture, an Eclipse IDE and a wealth of other capabilities. The upshot is that software developers now can automate the many tasks and processes required for their own large-scale, advanced software development and verification efforts. VeroTrace provides not only full traceability, review and workflow tracking but also monitors development and certification life-cycle artifacts as well as their relationships and authorization statuses. It is the ideal environment to facilitate the development, review, authorization and sign-off status of complex software systems, and aid in their delivery. VeroTrace already has successfully delivered safety and security projects and certification evidence to meet the DO-178B/C Avionic Software standards, the EN 50128 rail certification and the IEC 61508 for the industrial sector.


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